Sunday, 26th May 2024

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Haenam-gun and the Korea Baseball Organization

Haenam-gun and KBO Cooperate to Expand baseball Infrastructure

Expansion of field training and creation of sports parks

Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do and the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) signed a business agreement for mutual cooperation in the situation room of Haenam-gun Office on the 21st, with Haenam-gun Mayor Myeong Hyeon-gwan and KBO President Heo Gu-yeon in attendance.

As part of the project to build a baseball cluster in the southern coastal belt promoted by the KBO and local governments in the southern coastal region, Haenam-gun signed an agreement for the first time in Jeollanam-do.

According to the agreement, the two organizations decided to cooperate in the development of baseball and revitalization of the local economy through mutual support such as consulting and joint use of baseball stadium infrastructure creation and provision and operation of field training sites. 파워볼

As the first project under the business agreement, the 3rd to 4th 2024 KBO Next-Level Training Camp will be held in Haenam until the 29th.

It is a baseball gifted development program where coach Jong-hoon Jang oversees the team and KBO legends such as Yong-dal Kim and Hak-gil Yoon serve as coaching staff to guide young prospects.

Following the construction of Haenam Baseball Stadium in Bukpyeong-myeon in 2020, the county is accelerating the construction of infrastructure for baseball sports, including the completion of Haenam Sports Park, which is equipped with one official standard baseball field and one multi-sport stadium such as baseball and soccer, in the Pyeonghwari-ri area of ​​Samsan-myeon at the end of this year. I’m paying.

There are also plans to build an additional indoor training center where training can be conducted all year round by 2026.

Haenam County Mayor Myeong Hyeon-gwan said, “The south coast belt project will be an opportunity for Haenam sports marketing to take a leap forward.”

KBO President Heo Heo-yeon said, “We will actively cooperate to become a success story in the sports industry of revitalizing the local economy and developing baseball.”

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