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Haneick Family To Sell Magic City Casino To Poach Tribe; Owners Of Wind Creek 10-Game Business

The Haynick family, owners of the Magic City Casino, is selling one of the oldest Miami-based casinos to the Alabama-based Indian tribe, the Poach Band Creek Indians, for an undisclosed price. On Thursday, December 1, the family will contact the state government to transfer an attractive gambling license to its new owner.

When the transition is approved and completed, in addition to holding a license to operate the casino as a new owner, the tribe will also receive a greyhound license, which was issued in 1931 when greyhound racing was legalized in Florida. 경마사이트

Although greyhound racing is now illegal in the state, the license remains in effect and is a major one that has allowed other casinos in Magic City and South Florida to operate slot machines legally since 2004.

A possible decision to approve the transfer of licenses is expected to be a top priority for the newly formed Florida Game Control Board, scheduled to take place in Tallahashi on Thursday, Dec. 1.

Analysts believe how the proposed purchase contracts are handled will test Florida’s five regulators for scrutiny and alertness levels for such important deals.

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