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He beat Legend and won the top scorer award

Harry Kane’s top scorer is a prize winner.

Kane pushed for a transfer ahead of the opening of this season. Son Heung-min, his soul partner who he had grown close to, and Tottenham began to clean up their relationship. In order to achieve his ambition of winning, he decided that a new destination was the answer.

Tottenham has even planned to take responsibility for life after retirement, including coaches and ambassador, along with a huge weekly salary to catch Kane.

However, Tottenham reportedly turned to take care of a transfer fee due to Kane’s stubborn intention to transfer. 카지노사이트 순위

Bayern Munich and Tottenham failed to narrow their differences in the transfer fee, but the transfer accelerated as the agreement was concluded.

Bayern Munich offered 100 million euros (about 145.8 billion) for Kane’s transfer fee, and the deal was concluded when Tottenham accepted the offer.

Kane is playing true happiness football in Bayern Munich. He is second in the Bundesliga, but he is aiming for the championship because he has the potential to overturn at any time.

Bayern Munich are also cruising in the Champions League. It confirmed its advance to the round of 16 even with two games to go.

Kane is hot, too. He is leading the scoring with 17 goals in the Bundesliga this season. It exceeded the 16 goals of Nicklas Fühlcru, the top scorer last season.

Kane is also showing off his hot toes on the European stage as he scored four goals in four Champions League matches.

Is this why Kane drove the goal ruthlessly? There is reportedly a special clause regarding scoring.

If Kane scores more than 40 goals in all competitions, he will get a bonus.

According to Christian Polk, a reporter for German media “Sport Bild,” Kane has a special clause, and if he scores more than 40 goals in all competitions, he will receive 250,000 euros (about 350 million won) as a bonus.

Kane has already scored 21 goals. It is more than half of his 40 points. At the current rate, figures to meet the special provisions are expected to be sufficiently achieved.

Kane’s start to Bayern Munich is good. He is showing tremendous performance by scoring 21 goals and seven assists in the first 16 games.

It is a huge stat compared to Robert Lewandowski, the legendary striker of Bayern Munich, who scored eight goals and four assists in his first 16 games.


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