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“HERE WE GO” Werner is definitely going to Tottenham without Son Heung-min…I’m trying hard to recruit Dragushin! Working hard

“Tottenham is finalizing Werner’s lease. The final details of the discussion have been finalized. Werner is not included in the Leipzig squad and will travel to London within 24 or 48 hours,” said Fabrizio Romano, a transfer market expert. 파워볼실시간

Reporter Romano said on the 7th, “Berner is going to Tottenham,” along with “HERE WE GO,” which he shouted when his transfer was imminent. We have reached an agreement with Leipzig and all documents are ready. Tottenham signed a loan agreement without mandatory recruitment. Werner will soon go to London for medical tests.”

Tottenham has been in good form since Enze Postecoglou’s appointment. He was unbeaten at the beginning of the season and took the lead in the Premier League. Tottenham, which had been on an upward curve, collapsed from the point when the number of injuries began to increase. Earlier, with Manor Solomon and Ivan Perisic suffering long-term injuries, Mickey van der Pen, James Medicine and Hishalisson also collapsed.

The vicious cycle was repeated, with Christian Romero injured when Hishalisson returned. The physical burden of the main players increased, and Tottenham showed a fluctuating performance. Postecoglou, who called for squad reinforcement, ordered a quick move in the transfer market. As soon as the transfer market opened, he started working on it and completed the recruitment, wanting to adapt quickly.

Postecoglou once said, “It will help us if we start working quickly. We lost Romero and have a lot of injuries, but there is no reason to start the recruitment process late. If players come sooner, we will have time to adapt. Recruitment of someone and deployment of them immediately does not mean that the effect will come immediately. If we recruit someone in January, we will not be able to show our skills until February. Other clubs will know that we want to recruit someone quickly.” I could see what Postecoglou was thinking.

By recruiting Werner and Dragucine, the team plans to add strength to its offense and defense, respectively. During his first term in Leipzig, Werner was called a bomber and a striker for the German Bundesliga. He frequently joined the German national team, increasing his stock price, and moving to Chelsea. Chelsea has been branded as a striker who lacks decision-making ability due to frequent misses. As he was frequently taken out of the list, his chances of being transferred increased, and he returned to Leipzig.

Even in Leipzig, he was not satisfied. Werner, who is considered a release resource, is planning to return to London. “Werner is on the verge of joining Tottenham. Tottenham plans to sign a six-month loan,” Florian Flettenberg of Germany’s Sky Sports said on Wednesday. Leipzig and Tottenham are in final negotiations. They are trying to clarify various provisions, including options for purchase. Werner was preparing to leave Leipzig’s training camp for the rest of the year,” he said, being the first to report on Werner’s possible trip to Tottenham.

“Tottenham is moving to recruit former Chelsea forward Werner. It could be a shocking recruitment. Werner aspires to return to London.” “Werner can go to Tottenham for the rest of the season. Tottenham and Leipzig are discussing a transfer,” Matt Law, a reporter for the British Telegraph, said on Wednesday. With “HERE WE GO,” Tottenham is virtually in a tight spot.

“Tottenham is also having conversations on weekends to recruit Radu Dragucine,” Romano said. Born in Romania, center back Dragucine made his professional debut after joining the Juventus Academy. However, it was practically impossible for him to move from the center back line where Leonardo Bonucci, Matthijs de Ligt, and Georgio Chiellini were holding out at the time. Determined to move, Dragucine accumulated experience through loan deals with Sampdoria and Salernitana. Next destination was Genoa. After signing a loan last season, he successfully transferred to the club and released his luggage. Dragucine has been at the core of Genoa for two consecutive seasons. With his solid physique, he is good at fighting balls in the air, and now that he is just 21 years old, his growth potential is endless.

We plan to recruit Dragucine and send out Eric Dier. Van de Pen is back and Romero is also returning, so we plan to increase our defensive options by recruiting Dragucine. Ben Davies’ injury in the last match against Burnley was a fatal blow, but if Dragucine comes, Coach Postecoglou’s defensive worries will be a little better. If both Werner and Dragucine come, Tottenham will be able to operate the game with more options.

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