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Here’s a look at how new TV shows, sportsbook odd-numbered producers operate

If the setting doesn’t have to be a sportsbook for the South Point Hotel Casino and Spa, “Linemakers” can easily be filmed in someone’s den.

The weekly, half-hour cable television series surrounds seven friends who discuss and analyze the weekend’s college and professional football games. The group talks about the betting lines, the team’s performance on point spreads, the propensity of players, and the most anticipated competition.

The cast of Linemakers has more than 100 years of experience in the Las Vegas race and sports betting industry. They have opened or managed some of the strip’s best-known books, including Mirage, Caesars Palace, Win Las Vegas, Las Vegas Hilton, and Palms Casino Resort.

“The goal is to be informative and entertaining, to be ourselves,” said former Caesars Palace and Wynn Las Vegas sportsbook manager Vinny McRiullo. 슬롯머신

Former Las Vegas Hilton sports book manager Rick Herron added, “We’ve all been talking about having a show like this for years, but we’ve never been able to start from scratch. I think this is a lot of fun.”

Linemakers is filmed on Tuesday at South Point. Section settings alternate between the sportsbook’s counter and del Mar lounge, with the book’s electronic tote board in the background.

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