Wednesday, 24th April 2024

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“He’s a fantastic player!”….Who is Pochettino’s ‘extreme’ player? ‘Happy to have him with a huge future’

Chelsea will play against Wolverhampton in the 18th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2023-24 season at Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton. Chelsea is currently ranked 10th in the league, and needs momentum to elevate the team. Ahead of the match, Pochettino offered praise to a Chelsea player. The main character is Mykhailo Mudryk.

He moved to Chelsea midway through last season. He had high expectations as the “Future of Ukraine.” However, the move did not meet expectations. He played in 15 league matches last season and failed to score a single goal. He was not in a normal physical condition due to the aftermath of the war in Ukraine. Moodrik was the player who Chelsea fans criticized the most.

However, he has shown slight changes this season. He played in 15 matches this season, recording two goals and one assist. He seems to have gained confidence. Pochettino then expressed his absolute trust in Moody.

Pochettino said, “Moodlik is a fantastic player. And he is really good as a human being. He is a very genuine person. That is why he is a very reliable person. He is a voluntary person, and I enjoy working with him.”

“As a player, Mudryk needs to continue to improve. He is still young. He is a player who can develop further. Mudryk is very qualified. Moodryk is evolving well, and I am happy to be with him,” he said. 파워볼실시간

Finally, Pochettino said, “Certainly, with more time, Mudryk will become a very important player for Chelsea. Already, Mudryk is an important player for Chelsea, but his potential is enormous, so he will make even greater progress in the future.”

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