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High-end baseball field view that mimics the beauty of the day will come out

Following Seoul, Ulsan City will build accommodation facilities at the baseball stadium where professional games are held. The idea is to benchmark baseball stadiums such as Japan and the United States and turn them into cultural complex spaces. Other local governments, including Incheon, have also started to revitalize sports facilities in the sports complex. 카지노사이트 순위

According to the Ulsan metropolitan government on Monday, the city government will benchmark the Escon Field in Hokkaido, Japan, to create a new Munsu Baseball Stadium. The key is to build a “us hostel” in the outfield with 90 rooms and a capacity of up to 350 people. The outfield at Munsu Baseball Stadium, where the youth hostel will be located, is a lawn without a grandstand. The advantage is that there is no structure that needs to be torn off or renovated separately.

Next to the youth hostel, the city is planning to set up a variety of viewing spaces, including companion animal zones, couple date zones, chicken and beer zones, and stand seats. The project is expected to start in earnest in the second half of next year. Ulsan City expects the project to cost around 17 billion won. The city visited major Japanese ballparks, including Escon Field, from April 25 to May 1.

Ulsan Mayor Kim Doo-kyum said, “We will change Munsu Baseball Stadium by referring to the advantages of Escon Field, which combines various facilities such as hotels.”

Escon Field, the home of the Nippon-Ham Fighters, is a place where you can stay at a hotel and enjoy hot springs while watching baseball. It has a 12-room hotel and amenities such as a hot spring, a restaurant, a kids’ cafe, a jogging course, and a companion animal. That’s why it is called “Sekai Mada Minu Ball Park (a baseball stadium that has never been seen in the world)” and has reportedly attracted more than 3 million people (2 million baseball visitors and 1.2 million tourists) this year alone.

Built at a cost of 45 billion won in 2014, Munsu Baseball Stadium is considered the so-called “邊方” baseball stadium. It is the second stadium of the Lotte Giants where Busan is based, and hosts about 10 games a year. As a result, the stadium is used for training campers such as youth and college baseball teams. “We expect Lotte Giants games to take place more often if Munsu Baseball Stadium is renovated,” a city official said.

Earlier, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to demolish Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Songpa-gu, which was built in the 1980s, and build a dome stadium and hotel such as Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada. Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon visited Rogers Center in September and said, “We are reviewing facilities linked to hotels so that we can enjoy baseball like a festival,” adding, “We have found a good model.” Rogers Center, the home stadium of the Toronto Blue Jays in the Major League, is characterized by providing a “baseball field view” from the room by connecting to the hotel.

The 300-room hotel to be built at Jamsil Dome Stadium, and 120 of them are high-end rooms with a view of the baseball stadium. After watching the game, hotel restaurants and fitness centers are available. The new Jamsil Dome Stadium has more than 30,000 seats. When the game is not held, it is used as a K-pop concert hall. The new dome stadium aims to be completed by the end of 2031.

Jamsil Main Stadium in Seoul is also trying to transform itself into a sports and cultural complex so that it can make a profit. The city is undergoing remodeling as it is equipped with a youth hostel, shopping facilities and sports facilities. The Incheon Metropolitan Government has also announced the operation of 41 stadiums, including the Asiad Main Stadium, which is in the red, in order to find ways to efficiently operate them.

In addition, Busan City is operating wedding and convention companies to strengthen the profitability of Busan Asiad Main Stadium and revitalize facilities, while Gwangju City is also planning to promote research services to find ways to revitalize Yeomju Gymnasium and World Cup Stadium.


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