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His temper is still old… Pepe left after hitting the opponent with his fist during the game

Porto lost 0-2 to Sporting Lisbon in the 14th round of the 2023-24 Primera Liga at the Estádiú Júj Alvalad in Lisbon, Portugal, on the 19th (Korea time). The loss of the match ended Porto’s second consecutive win in the official match, and Sporting maintained their league lead with 34 points. 카지노사이트 순위

Sporting, which had been vying for the top spot in the league with overwhelming performance since the beginning of the season, also played a game led by Sporting. And the game ended with a 2-0 Sporting victory, with Victor Jockeresi and Pedro González scoring goals in the 11th minute of the first half and the 15th minute of the second half, respectively.

There was a scene that received more attention than Porto’s defeat. It was when Porto’s captain Pepe was sent off for violent behavior. In the 6th minute of the second half, Matheus Hayes strongly stopped Pepe, who was trying to quickly deal with a free kick, and Pepe, who was momentarily excited, swung his arm and punched him in the face. The referee, who was watching this right in front of him, checked the VAR to determine whether it was intentional or not, and after a long review, he declared a direct exit to Pepe.

Pepe was not only sent off but also displayed poor performance in the game. He poorly defended and failed to stop Josepse when the first goal was scored in the 11th minute of the first half, and eventually allowed a run. According to the soccer statistics media “Sopascore,” Pepe had his worst game ever before being sent off, recording two successful ground contention (out of six), one successful aerial contention (out of two), and six turnovers.

Pepe has been a notorious dirty player since his heyday. During his time at Real Madrid, he made “trash talk” towards his opponent and raised eyebrows among soccer fans with his dirty play.

Pepe will be sent off for the 15th time in his career. The fact that his 14th exit took place just 14 games ago shows that he is still playing dirty in his final years of career. Talking Sports in the U.K. said of Pepe’s exit, “One fan commented, ‘Don’t ever change Pepe,’ and another commented, ‘When Pepe announces retirement, football will get boring. He always finds new ways to get sent off. That’s a rare talent.’

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