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How did Stanley Ho establish his impressive empire?

Stanley invested his money in the gambling business and became a co-owner of several casinos in the Philippines. He immediately realized how promising the gaming industry was. Ho and several of his partners managed to win a government bid that gave them exclusive rights to gambling in Macau. This monopoly was abolished in 2002. Due to the lack of competition and considerable gaming revenue from the business, Ho managed to make a fortune.

I opened a lot of casinos and betting shops in Macau and also established slot lottery tickets. In addition to gambling, I also invested in real estate. They own real estate not only in Macau but also in Hong Kong, North Korea, Portugal, and Vietnam. 경마사이트프로

After the abolition of the gambling monopoly, Stanley gained competitors to build luxury casinos in Macau, such as Venice Macau and City of Dreams Casino. Nevertheless, Ho did not give up so quickly, and continued to work actively and develop his business. But in 2009, Stanley had a heart attack. Due to health problems, he had to retire. Despite his retirement, Stanley Ho is still one of the richest people in Asia to this day. If the story of success really inspires you, read how Daniel Negreanu became a famous poker player.

It is not surprising that disputes over the future of his empire began among potential heirs during a billionaire’s lifetime. It should be noted that Ho has four wives, 17 children, and other relatives.

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