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Hwang Hee-chan renews contract, triples weekly pay… His body value is also higher than Manchester United’s Marshall, who is ranked 20th in the EPL striker

Wolverhampton announced the renewal of Hwang Hee-chan’s contract through the club’s SNS on the 22nd (Korea Standard Time). The contract period has been extended from 2026 to 2028. The one-year contract extension option is included, which could prolong Hwang’s contract. Wolverhampton said, “We have signed a new contract with Korean player Hwang Hee-chan.”

Even without this contract, Hwang still has a long contract period to play. However, Wolverhampton moved aggressively, and they finally renewed the contract in the middle of the season. There is a reason. Hwang Hee-chan has been drawing attention from big clubs this season due to his outstanding performance. Hwang Hee-chan has scored eight goals and two assists in 17 league matches. He has demonstrated one of the best scoring skills in the league, exceeding the number of goals scored in his team. Hwang is tied for sixth in the league in scoring. He is chasing after Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur, 10 goals), who is ranking fourth in scoring. Compared to World Class striker Mohamed Salah (Riverpool, 11 goals), Hwang is not a big difference.

Hwang’s performance has been steady. After scoring a goal against Ipswich in the League Cup in September, he also accumulated attack points in six consecutive games until the match against Sheffield United in the League last month. During that period, Hwang scored four goals and two assists. He also scored the net against strong teams including Liverpool, Manchester City, Aston Villa and Newcastle. With outstanding performances, Hwang was also linked to Arsenal, the “candidate” for the title.

As rumors of the transfer grew, Wolverhampton also seems to have quickly concluded the contract renewal negotiations. The British Sports Mall also analyzed, “If Hwang Hee-chan did not renew his contract, he might have been interested in January or next summer.”

With this contract renewal, Hwang’s weekly salary has increased tremendously. Earlier, transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano said on his SNS, “Wolverhampton and Hwang Hee-chan have signed a new contract. The new contract will remain valid until June 2028 and includes the option of additional extension,” adding, “With this new contract, Hwang will be at the same level as the highest-paid players in the club.”

The highest paid player in Wolverhampton is team striker Pablo Sarabia, who is paid 90,000 pounds. Veteran defender Nelsson Semedu and forward Fabio Silva are paid 80,000 pounds. Hwang Hee-chan’s previous pay was 30,000 pounds. Through this contract, his maximum pay will triple. 온라인카지노

His ransom has also increased. Transfer Markt, which specializes in transfer markets, revealed Hwang Hee-chan’s new ransom on the day. The ransom has risen from 18 million euros to 22 million euros. This is a huge amount that ranks 20th in the league when it comes to English Premier League strikers. The amount is the same as Calvert Lewin, a key Everton striker. The amount is even higher than that of Manchester United striker Anthony Martial (15 million euros).

Until now, Hwang had not displayed his best performance. Injuries have always hampered his performance. In the 2021-2022 season, five goals in 30 league games (10 starts) was the highest by a Premier League player in a single season. In the last season, he started only 12 times out of 27 league games. He also scored just three goals. However, he is completely out of injury this season, and Hwang Hee-chan is also hitting a fierce goal storm.

Earlier, Hwang Hee-chan played for RB Leipzig after playing for Red Bull Salzburg (Austria) and Hamburg (Germany). He joined Wolverhampton in 2021. He will continue to play as a Wolverhampton striker. Wolverhampton fans left comments of support and joy at the news of Hwang Hee-chan’s renewal, saying, “Congratulations,” and “I will do better in the future.”

Hwang Hee-chan said on the club’s website, “I’m happy to be here. I’m expressing my gratitude to my teammates, coaches, my family and fans. It’s really nice to be able to stay at Wolverhampton. I’m enjoying playing here, life and everything. I have really good colleagues and everything here is amazing. I want to continue to do well and I’m ready to do my best.”

“I will not be satisfied with the new contract. I also talk with my teammates about Wolverhampton’s goals. And they all have the same ambitions. I feel more responsibility to win. I am ready to fight for my team.”

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