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Hwang In-beom ‘confirmed to be eliminated’ in the Champs group stage

The 2023-2024 UCL group stage, which began in September, will be played in Game 5 on the 29th (Korea time), contouring teams that advanced to the round of 16 and eliminated teams.

From Group E, which was played first on the 29th and 30th, Atletico Madrid and Lazio in Group E, Borussia Dortmund in Group F, Manchester City and RB Leipzig in Group G, and Barcelona in Group H have confirmed their advance to the round of 16. Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, and Inter Milan have already made it to the round of 16 in Group A through Group D.

The elimination teams’ fate has also been decided. Celtic and Tsurvena Zvezda, where Korean players are playing, also lost in Game 5, and unfortunately suffered elimination. Oh Hyun-kyu, Yang Hyun-joon, and Hwang In-beom will also leave the UCL stage this season after Game 6.

Celtic maintained a tight 0-0 balance until the end of the second half, but Gustav Isaksen’s shot in the 37th minute of the second half allowed Immobile to score the first goal. Three minutes later, in the 40th minute of the second half, Luis Alberto’s pass was scored by Immobile once again and collapsed.

Yang Hyun-joon started the game and traveled around the stadium until the 42nd minute of the second half, but failed to score an offensive point. Oh Hyun-kyu was also replaced by Paulo Bernardu in the 24th minute of the second half and was put on the ground. Oh Hyun-kyu almost got a penalty for his agile movement in the box in the extra time of the second half, but unfortunately, the VAR review did not declare a penalty.

Following the 2022-2023 season, Celtic ranked fourth in the group league this season, failing to advance to the round of 16 teams in the UCL and the Europa League. Starting with the defeat against Feyenoord in the first game, they only had one draw and four losses in five group games. Oh Hyun-kyu and Yang Hyun-joon will wrap up their debut season in the UCL stage with the match against Feyenoord on April 14. 안전놀이터

Hwang In-beom’s team Zvezda also failed to overcome the danger of elimination. Zvezda lost 0-2 at the fifth match against Young Voice held at Stadion Bancdorf in Bern, Switzerland on Tuesday. If he wins the sixth match, Zvezda will have four points to tie with Young Voice (four points), but his team failed to advance to the Europa League due to one draw and one loss in the winner’s win.

Zvezda gave up the lead in the game from the beginning, allowing Costa Nedelikovic’s own goal in the 8th minute and Lewin Blum’s own goal in the 29th minute, and failed to score a comeback goal until the end of the game.

Hwang In-beom struggled until the 44th minute of the second half against Young Voice. He played 89 minutes and showed stable skills, including two opportunities, four shots, five long passes, and eight ball ownership recoveries. However, he couldn’t prevent the team from being eliminated and had to swallow his regret. Hwang In-beom will once again face Manchester City at Zvezda’s home stadium on the 14th, completing his UCL journey this season.

Munich secured the top spot in the group early on by winning against Galatasaray in the last four games. Some predict that Kim Min-jae will also take a break instead of participating in the fifth game on the 30th. As Munich is aiming to win the UCL this season, Kim Min-jae can expect to play at a higher level than the round of 16.

In the case of Lee Kang-in, he has yet to confirm his advance to the round of 16. PSG held a dramatic 1-1 draw against Newcastle in Game 5, keeping its second place in the group and leaving the possibility of advancing to the round of 16 by itself, but the results of Game 6 may fail to advance to the round of 16. PSG, which will play against Dortmund in Game 6, will have to stage an all-out war until Game 6, as the two-point gap with third-place Newcastle could be reversed if it fails to win.

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