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Hwang Ui-jo questions about illegal filming charges…No punishment Reason to forgive?

Money Today reported on the 21st that A, who distributed a video believed to have been illegally filmed by Hwang Ui-jo, was Hwang Ui-jo’s closest aide. According to the report, Lee Eun-e’s lawyer, the victim’s legal representative, said he could not identify A in detail, but said that he was Hwang Ui-jo’s closest aide.

In addition, lawyer Lee said he attended the interrogation before A’s arrest on the 16th and claimed that A received the video directly from Hwang Ui-jo. Hwang Ui-jo also said that A did not steal his cell phone. Earlier on June 25, A introduced himself as Hwang Ui-jo’s ex-girlfriend on Instagram, revealing his personal life and distributing sex videos.

In response, Hwang Ui-jo countered that it was false and said that the video was leaked in November 2022 when he lost his phone in Greece. However, as the inside story of the case is revealed, it is gaining strength that this claim is false. The court continued to argue and refute that the mobile phone had been reset. The important thing is that the victim never agreed to film the video.

The video distribution victim claimed that he had dated Hwang Ui-jo in the past, but that he had not agreed to film the video and had requested it to be deleted. Lawyer Lee raised questions by saying that Hwang Ui-jo expressed his position that he did not want A to be punished. It was Hwang Ui-jo who sued A. In addition, Hwang Ui-jo persuaded the video leak victims to sue A together to catch him quickly.

However, Hwang Ui-jo believes that the true offender and A, who spread the video and threatened him, may not be the same person. He expressed his position that he would forgive even if the distributor was correct. The police said on the 20th that A, who revealed Hwang Ui-jo’s personal life in June, and the video distributor were considered the same person.

According to reports, A is a woman and denies the crime. Hwang Ui-jo was investigated as a suspect related to illegal filming on the 18th. It is interpreted that the ex-lover, who suffered damage from video leakage, stated that he had never agreed to film it, and was converted into a suspect.

In response, Hwang Ui-jo’s legal representative said, “We have been suffering from constant threats from blackmailers regarding the video,” adding, “There were also requests for money.” He also stressed, “It was an agreed video between the lovers at the time, and Hwang Ui-jo does not currently have the video, and he has never leaked it.”

Hwang Ui-jo’s side appealed, “This incident started as Hwang Ui-jo’s victim of video leakage,” adding, “The so-called ‘Hwang Ui-jo killing’ is going on very maliciously.” Hwang Ui-jo, who claimed to have been threatened by A a day earlier on the 20th, said in court that he would forgive A even if he distributed it, raising questions. 안전놀이터

Netizens said, “I gave it to an acquaintance and it may have been circulated,” and added, “What is this saying without being able to speak correctly? It makes me want to talk about it. “What kind of relationship was it that you didn’t ask for punishment?” I was most curious, but you were the closest aide and handed over your phone? And you’re representing the country while talking about the victims??? “It’s crazy” and “What do you mean that A was arrested for spreading the video and he may not be the real culprit? Then why is A over there?”


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