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Hwang Ui-jo’s ‘Bilateral Representative’ Controversy… “There was no assistance for his brother-in-law”

Hwang’s legal representative, Daehwan, a law firm, said on the 15th, “There is a fact that he has submitted the appointment of Hwang’s brother-in-law to the investigative agency, but it is clear that he has not provided any kind of assistance for Hwang’s brother-in-law.” Daehwan explained, “The existing lawyer appointed by the brother-in-law for other cases that did not take up the appointment among the two ongoing cases related to Hwang was asked to be present temporarily when it became impossible to participate in the investigation due to the schedule.”

Dae-hwan said that in the process, he fully explained the situation to the investigative agency and the Korean Bar Association in advance and asked for advice. After receiving a reply from the Bar Association that there may be a conflict of interest, he added that he did not participate in the investigation. According to Dae-hwan, there are two cases in which Hwang is currently involved: Hwang’s complaint as a victim of sexual intercourse dissemination and Hwang’s investigation as a suspect in illegal filming.

Daehwan says that Hwang has not been in charge of the case he sued as a victim, and that he has only defended Hwang’s illegal filming since last month. Daehwan explained, “Hwang and his family requested a temporary presence in the investigation of his brother-in-law and submitted a senior system to the prosecution on the 23rd of last month,” but “he did not participate in the prosecution investigation of his brother-in-law after internal review such as conflict of interest issues.” 에볼루션 바카라사이트

“I am sorry for the disappointment that Hwang has caused to all of you who have supported me so far,” he said, adding, “I will actively cooperate with the investigation agency.” It became controversial earlier when it was revealed that Hwang and Hwang’s brother-in-law had appointed the same law firm. This is because the Lawyers Act prohibits bilateral representation to defend both sides at the same time in a case. When related criticism came out, he submitted a resignation letter to the court on the 13th.

Hwang’s brother-in-law was indicted in June on charges of claiming to be Hwang’s ex-lover and sharing photos and sex videos of Hwang and other women on social media, or claiming that Hwang had a relationship with a number of women and harmed them.

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