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“I don’t want to waste a good hit”…August batting .350→’Jamsil defense fairy’ Jung Soo-bin makes first DH start of his career

Jung Soo-bin has an ‘unfamiliar experience’.

Jung Soo-bin was named to the starting lineup as a designated hitter against the Gochuk Kiwoom Heroes on March 23.

It was his first time playing as a designated hitter. He has played designated hitter before, when he pinch-hit in the ninth inning against the 온라인카지노 Jamsil Kiwoom Heroes on March 27, 2019, but has never started a game.

He was rested after feeling pain in his left thigh while fielding against the NC Dinos on April 19.

Jung is batting 2-for-8 with six RBIs in 99 games this season, but he’s been hitting even hotter in August, going 3-for-5.

Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop said, “He’s jogging, but he’s not ready to play at full strength. I can run, but I feel uneasy. I can control the offense, but I can’t control the defense when the balls are flying.” “If I don’t go out today, I won’t go out for four games, and I thought it would be a waste to leave a good batting feeling. “I thought it would be a waste to let my good hitting go to waste when I’m not going to play in four games.” He explained that he was brought in as the No. 1 designated hitter because his hitting was fine and he could run with some control.

As for returning to the field, he’s taking his time. “I think I should try it today first. If everything goes well, I’ll try to play defense tomorrow. If (the pain) comes up, I’ll have to take two or three days off and it’s a bigger loss. Defensively, I’ll have to play when I’m fully fit. The defense has to be quick, it has to start quickly, it has to stop quickly. I can’t not think about that,” he said.

Yang, who hit a home run as a pinch hitter on the 22nd after being left off the first team roster due to a sore side, was left out of the starting lineup for now.

Lee said, “I’ll prepare for the second half of the game. I haven’t played catcher for two weeks, so I’m thinking about playing defense later in the game,” Lee said.

Doosan’s starting lineup was Jung Soo-bin (designated hitter), Kim Jae-ho (shortstop), Jose Rojas (right fielder), Yang Seok-hwan (first baseman), Kim Jae-hwan (left fielder), Kang Seung-ho (second baseman), Heo Kyung-min (third baseman), Jang Seung-hyun (catcher), and Cho Su-hyun (center fielder).

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