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I thought you were tired, but you got stronger, JJJ line is alive…KIA 8th consecutive win, ERA 1.53 strong bullpen

The KIA Tigers are leading the fall baseball by winning eight consecutive games. After trailing 3-1 against KT in Suwon on August 24, he revived by using a 7-3 reverse electrode. Since then, he has achieved another sweep against SSG in Incheon over the weekend, following a sweep of three consecutive games between Hanwha and Gwangju, and a win in one game between NC and Gwangju.

During the eight games, he hit the opposing mound with an overwhelming batting average of .337. Park Chan-ho and Kim Do-young’s .300 leadoff team created chances with elaborate hitting and fast feet, solved by Na Sung-beom and Choi Hyung-woo, and even lower hitters such as Kim Sun-bin and Kim Tae-gun were very cohesive. 먹튀검증

Another secret lies in the mound. Yang Hyun-jong played 13 innings in two games and blocked it with two earned runs. Panoni also had six earned runs in 10 ⅔ innings in two games, and Yoon Young-chul also played nine innings in two games. However, Sanchez pitched one earned run in seven innings in one game and was out due to elbow pain, and Lee Eui-ri was also sluggish with four runs in three innings. The starters recorded 42 ⅔ innings, ERA 3.59.

The quality start of the starters was in the third inning. Starting baseball is still insufficient. The bullpen completely blocked the gap. Somehow, bullpen pitchers had no choice but to increase their share. He played 29 ⅓ innings in eight games and earned three wins, three saves and six holds, serving as a major force for his winning streak. It is only a bullpen ERA of 1.53.

Im Ki-young pitched in six games and played six innings, recording only one earned run. Even though he is a bullpen pitcher who pitched the most innings in the first half, he is taking the mound tirelessly in the second half. He is playing a role as the back that led him to win eight consecutive games. Lee Joon-young (4 games) and Choi Ji-min (3 games) were undefeated, and Kim Dae-yu also came up to the expanded entry and pitched two scoreless games.

In particular, it is notable that the JJJ Pilseungjo line is showing its power again. Jeon Sang-hyun and Jang Hyun-sik pitched five innings each in five games. Jeon Sang-hyun had no earned run and Jang Hyun-sik had only one earned run. Closer Jung Hae-young also pitched in four games and recorded three saves. He gave up just one hit against 13 batters and is closing the inning cleanly. He regained his shaky ball power in the first half and returned to the strong back door.

KIA’s starting lineup is somewhat unstable in the future ranking competition. It was a homework that had been going on since the opening. At least QS is telling. The bullpen had no choice but to put a lot of energy into blocking it. Moreover, it is the time when Sanchez’s vacancy is revealed in earnest. On top of that, Lee Eui-ri returned from 10 days off due to shoulder pain, but his control was shaken again. The bullpen’s share is still bound to grow. In the remaining 36 games, the success or failure of fall baseball depends on the power of the bullpen.

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