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I wake up people around me are going crazy

After the match against Manchester City, Hwang and his father headed to their accommodation. After washing up, they went to sleep. Until this time, I had no idea that it would be an issue. However, the next day, Hwang and his father woke up early in the morning of the 4th. It was because they had not yet adjusted to the time difference. KakaoTalk caught fire. My acquaintances delivered the ’emergency news’.

“I woke up while my wife, relatives, and colleagues at the company kept sending me kakaotalk messages. When I checked, there were articles and congratulatory messages from all over the place,” said his father, Hwang Sung-jin, with a smile.

The imperial army soon heard the news. “I was looking at social media and my dad suddenly said, ‘Wow!’. I thought it wouldn’t be on the news when I was taking pictures. It just happened. I’ve never done this before, so I’m so nervous.” My friends contacted me a lot, too. My friends texted me and said, “You were so famous. How did you feel?” and I almost lost my mind. 스포츠토토

Hwang and his father will return to the plane on Tuesday night. Originally, they planned to watch the match against West Ham and Newcastle. However, the schedule changed from Friday to Saturday. They only have to watch the match against West Ham on Tuesday before returning. It was the finale of Hwang’s soccer trip.

Ahead of the final match, Hwang was determined. He urged Son to do well. “Son Heung-min. Don’t be nervous and do your best like a captain. Cheer up. I’m rooting for the Asian Cup as well.” Then he added one thing. “When I was doing an interview, my friend asked me to tell her I was her best friend. My best friend is Kim Haram.” My father smiled at the innocence of a 10-year-old child.

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