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“I was shaken by greetings.” Forty-one friend’s thumb Super catch foul home run, a tough moment to achieve a milestone

Oh Seung-hwan (41) of the Samsung Lions achieved an unprecedented milestone in the final home game that filled the stands. It is a great achievement that will remain in KBO history that will be difficult to break for the time being.

Oh Seung-hwan led the team to a 5-3 victory with a tough save in the final game of the season against SSG Landers at Lions Park in Daegu on the 14th. The moment when the first career 400 saves milestone was achieved in KBO history. It is a milestone set 19 years after he entered the professional league in 2005.

Despite the absence of overseas leagues such as Japan and the United States for six seasons from 2014 to 2019, he reached the 400 save mark first. Except for Oh Seung-hwan, no pitcher has achieved 300 saves in his career. Son Seung-rak is second in his career with 271 saves. None of the active players has achieved 200 saves.

With this save, Oh also reached the 30th save mark for the third consecutive year. Oh Seung-hwan returned in the middle of the season, posting a record of 30 saves for the past three consecutive years, except for 2020.

In front of left-hander Lee Jae-ik, the SSG bench hit right-handed hitter Kim Kang-min, who was the same age as Oh Seung-hwan, born in 1982. Pitcher coach Kwon Oh-joon took the mound with the ball. Oh Seung-hwan’s long-standing song “Ratchenka Saveers” resonated. The ballpark was filled with cheers from the packed crowd. 안전놀이터

SSG, which is in a fierce battle for third place, also made a winning move. Choo Shin-soo, another left-handed hitter who was born in 1982, hit again. Before entering the batter’s box, Choo gave a thumbs-up to his friend Oh Seung-hwan, who was challenging for the milestone.

The moment when he recalled, “I tried not to be different from usual, but I think it was shaken because (Shinsoo) greeted me.” The game was a game. There was no concession.

At the end of the full count match, he pulled a 144km body fastball strongly. A hit that could have been a timely double on the right field line passing by the first baseman. Something amazing happened in the Blon Save Crisis. First baseman Lee Sung-kyu threw himself away. The ball was sucked into the mitt like a magnet. Step on first base and end the inning. It was a super catch that was unbelievable enough for Oh Seung-hwan to express his gratitude separately.

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