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“I will be a mature player for my family.” Anyang Cho Seong-jun, wedding on the 16th

FC Anyang (owner Choi Dae-ho, mayor of Anyang), a 100-year club with citizens, said striker Cho Sung-joon makes the wedding pitch ring.

FC Anyang Cho Seong-jun will marry bride Son Ji-soo at the Grand Hill Convention in Seoul on the 16th. The two, who met through the introduction of a close acquaintance, came to a beautiful fruit after dating for four years. 슬롯머신

Cho Sung-joon, who made his professional debut in 2013 as a founding member of FC Anyang, returned to FC Anyang in 2023 after going through Gwangju FC, Asan Mugunghwa FC, Seongnam FC and Jeju United. He played in 27 K League 2 games this year, scoring three goals and three assists.

“I met my bride-to-be and was able to concentrate more on soccer. I met her during a difficult time due to injury, and she cheered me up a lot,” FC Anyang Cho Sung-joon said. “I want to say thank you and love you to the bride. I will take responsibility for my family and try to become a more mature player from now on.”

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