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If only you did a good job on the door…The reason why he turned into a triple over the right field height a double is because

With the team trailing the KIA Tigers 1-2 in the bottom of the first inning, SSG Landers had a golden chance. The fourth batter Choi Jung’s hit to the right field led to a direct fence. KIA right fielder Na Sung-bum extended his glove, but Choi Jeong ran to third base while he passed the ball and collapsed after hitting the fence on the SSG bullpen side. The SSG stands on the first base were filled with shouts at a situation where one hit could lead to a tie.

However, in this situation, KIA manager Kim Jong-guk walked out toward the ground. In response to coach Kim’s appeal, referee Kim Joon-hee gathered the judges, and the consensus decision soon began.

Kim’s appeal was as follows. The SSG bullpen door, which Na Sung-bum collided with, opened, and his body fell over, which delayed the processing time of the ball that could have been handled normally. In fact, due to the bullpen door that was opened in the process of hitting the fence, Na Sung-bum’s body went over the warning track to the entrance of the bullpen and came out.

The judges’ judgment after deliberation for a while was Choi Jeong’s second base return. The judges explained, “The Bolded situation occurred due to interference caused by facilities while the KIA right fielder collided with the fence.” If the bullpen door was properly locked and Na Sung-beom hit the fence normally, it would not have been delayed enough to allow a triple to Choi Jung. The judges also told the SSG bench about the situation, and SSG coach Kim Won-hyung also seemed to accept it soon.

Choi missed a triple opportunity due to the fence that was not locked. However, he solved the disappointment with his long-term home run. SSG shot a come-from-behind two-run shot over the left fence against KIA Park Joon-pyo in the bottom of the fifth inning with no outs and a runner on first base. KIA left fielder Socrates Brito passed the ball so big that he gave up the chase early. It was Archie who gave laughter to SSG and fans, who had lost three consecutive games. 바카라

But it was KIA who laughed at the end. Kim Tae-gun’s Ko Jong-wook’s timely hit in the top of the eighth inning, when he was dragged after giving up a two-run shot to Choi Jung, turned the game around, and Kim Do-young also hit a superior wedge shot in the top of the ninth inning. KIA, which won 8-6, lost eight consecutive games and SSG lost four in a row.

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