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Igdrasil Launches Juiced DuoMax

BTS Games is offering delicious dishes at Juiced DuoMax, a recent collaboration with leading iGaming publisher Yggdrasil.

5×3, the payment slot is played at a tropical tiki bar where vibrant fruit choices are waiting to be converted into tasty treats for players. During base play, the winning combination becomes juice and is added to the drink on the left side of the reel. Free Spins mode starts when the drink is full.

This Happy Hour Free Spin gives players a 2-4-1 experience, with an additional set of reels added, and four Happy Customers are waiting for a rich refreshment. 안전놀이터

Since each character sits on both sides of the reel, each winning combination will have a direct multiplier increase depending on how you pay. These gradually increase to a huge x2,000, with five types of multipliers increasing on either side of the matrix.

Juiced DuoMax is the Bulletproof Games, a new addition to the YG Masters portfolio, following the recently launched Lotus Warrior, as studios continue to develop attractive, futuristic titles through their programs.

The game is powered by Yggdrasil’s state-of-the-art technology, GATI, which enables partners to continuously produce state-of-the-art content and expedite distribution using a standardized development toolkit to meet pre-configured regulations.

Mark McGinley, Igdrasil’s chief gaming officer, said, “Juiced DuoMax brings our vibrant beach bar to life with innovative, traceable bonus features and our supercharged game engagement mechanics that pack every squeeze with the biggest win possible.

“This is the latest development in our portfolio by Bangtan Games, and another example of a diverse and engaging theme that is inspired by people from all walks of life.”

Michael Bullock, head of product at Bulletproof Games, said, “Combining colorful cocktails with tremendous winning potential was a very pleasant experience for our team. And Juiced DuoMax uses its fan-favorite concept to create an unforgettable thirst quench.”

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