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Imperial Palace Contest to Impress PerformersChance a dream

Imperial Palace has been offering opportunities for performers who want to open their doors with award-winning Las Vegas shows.

The monthly winner of the hotel’s “Be A Legend” amateur celebrity impersonation karaoke contest receives an audition for the 20-year celebrity tribute show “Legends In Concert” and $500 in cash. 스포츠토토

Contestants from all over the country came to the hotel’s strip-front nightclub, Tequila Joe’s, to try and become legends. Past winners include California resident Royce Minato as Whitney Houston, Gina Michelle as Shania Twain in Las Vegas, Sheila Wright as Las Vegas, and Royce Minato as Liza Minnelli.

This contest, which is free to enter, is the only chance for amateur performers to skip the red tape and go straight to the audition stage with Onstage Entertainment, the production company of “Legend in Concert.”

The “Be A Legend” contest is open to all performers who haven’t had a contract as a celebrity impersonator for the past 12 months. Contestants must perform in full costume as their representative character and prepare two songs from that performer. Songs are limited to four minutes or less.

Influential judges from the Las Vegas entertainment industry score each contestant in seven categories, from voice to performance to character merchandise, and ultimately give each lucky contestant a chance at their dreams.

Other prizes in the monthly contest include $250 for the second-place winner and $100 for the third-place winner. The fourth and fifth-place winners will be given two legendary concert tickets.

The Imperial Palace has hosted the Legends In Concert for 20 years and is home to celebrity impersonators who recently first added Las Vegas as the Legend Pit, where celebrity-like people called Deal Entertainers entertain visitors by handling blackjacks.

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