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In the 23rd minute, Hoylun scored a multi-goal.

After breaking through the back space, he split the Galatasaray goal with a sensational chip shot. Davinson Sanchez slipped while trying to block a through pass. It was Old Trafford, which had been raining heavily throughout the game.

The visiting team Galatasaray was also formidable. Aktürkolu scored the equalizer in the 27th minute. He calmly smashed a cross from the right into the opposite post. After losing a point, Hoylun wrapped his head around him and showed a frustrating look.

Bad news broke out. Casemiro was sent off for accumulated warnings, conceding a penalty kick. He attempted a back tackle while blocking Mauro Icardi, and a foul was declared. In the ensuing penalty kick, Manchester United was lucky. In the 32nd minute, Icardi’s shot as a kicker went straight to the left of the goal. United were outnumbered.

Icardi, who missed the penalty kick, scored. After digging into the back space, he penetrated Onana’s head with a sensational shot. Galatasaray led 3-2. Galatasaray deployed Tanguy Ndombele and Viktor Nelson. Manchester United made a winning move by replacing Antony, but there was no additional score.

After the game, there was talk of dismissal for coach Tenhach. According to Football Insider’s findings, the possibility of replacement is rising. Considering that Manchester United has raised its blade in the slump since appointing a number of coaches, it is not something to let go of.

Of course, most local media shook their heads at the idea of replacing Tenhach. The Guardian, a leading British newspaper, said, “Manchester United’s high-ranking officials are supporting manager Ten Hach. It is not a matter to be discussed. Ten Ha-ch is firmly supported by Manchester United’s high-ranking officials,” he said.

Another media outlet, The Sun, responded the same way. The media said, “We have a shocking report card of five losses in seven games, but it is receiving full support. The Glazer family and its chief executive do not want to change despite the sudden drop in performance and sluggishness, the report said.

Coach Ten Ha-ch also has some indulgences. Manchester United are currently suffering from injury wards. Rasmus Hoylun joined Manchester United with a back injury, and Mason Mount was also injured.

In recent years, even defense has been on the verge of course. Following the absence of starting fullback Luke Shaw, even Sergio Reguilon, who was brought to Tyrrell Malacia on loan from Tottenham Hotspur, collapsed. It is a situation in which it is not possible to form a full player.

There are also external issues. According to global sports outlet The Athletic, Antony said, “I have agreed to be absent from Manchester United while dealing with the assault allegations against me. It was done under mutual agreement to prevent confusion among colleagues and to avoid unnecessary controversy over Manchester United. I want to reiterate my innocence about what I have been accused of assault, and I will fully cooperate with the police to find out the truth. I look forward to returning to the game soon,” he announced. 스포츠토토

Last month, British media Sports Brief said, “Antoni’s ex-wife is about to submit a report of alleged assault to British police. The ex-wife claimed she was assaulted several times during her meeting with Antony. “We are demanding legal compensation for domestic violence charges,” he said.

The media said, “If former Mrs. Anthony’s allegations are true, they can be involved in three crimes. This is the second time since it filed related charges with Brazilian authorities in June. The third claim is that Antony hit his ex-wife with a car. According to reports, Antony is pregnant.

He has already contacted his legal representative and claimed to be preparing a complaint against Antony for assault. Sports Brief reported, “Manchester United and its agents are taking the case very seriously.” He has returned to the first division team for now and is training, but it is not known if he is in normal condition.

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