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Indian gymnast Yogeshwar Singh ranks 15th in men’s overall final

Indian gymnast yogeshwar singh had a disappointing day as she finished 15th in the men’s overall final at the ongoing Commonwealth Games. Indian gymnast Yogeshwar Singh had a disappointing day in the men’s all-around final at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on Sunday, finishing 15th with 74.700 points overall. Yogeshwar scored 12.350 points in the ring, the first rotation. Out of 12.350 points, 4.200 points were given for difficulty and 8.150 points for execution. At the end of the first rotation, he was 12th in the rankings.

In the second round, the vault, Yogeshwar had a solid performance of 13.200 points, of which the difficulty was 4.800 points and the execution score was 8.400 points, bringing the total score to 25.550 points. With four more turns left, he climbed to fifth place in the rankings.

In his third round, the Indian scored a total of 12.050 points on the parallel bars, and his overall score was tallied at 37.600 points. He scored 4.700 points for difficulty and 7.350 points for execution.

Singh finished the fourth round and scored 12.700 points in the bar practice. He scored 4.500 points for difficulty and 8.200 points for execution. This increased his total score to 50.300 points. But he didn’t make it to the top five, so he did nothing to increase his chances of winning a medal. He left two more turns to make an impact. 바카라사이트넷

In the fifth turn, Singh scored a total of 11.500 points in the floor exercise, which dropped his total to 61.800 points, dragging him into the top 10 for a while before he crashed back out of it.

Singh scored a total of 12.900 points in the final round of the Pommel Horse race. This raised his total score to 74.700 points. But he ranked 15th out of 18 players.

Jake Jarman of England won the gold medal with a total score of 83.450 points, while James Hall of England won the silver medal with a total score of 82.900 points. Cyprus’ Marios Georgiou won the bronze medal with 81.750 points.

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