Sunday, 26th May 2024

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Inspiration and Paddy Power for UK Retail Market Collaborate

Inspired Entertainment, a leading U.S. provider of iGaming, betting, entertainment, and social services, has signed a new and productive long-term deal with Paddy Power, a subsidiary of Flutter Entertainment, a U.K.-based bookmaker. This combination expands the presence of Inspired and U.S. markets within the U.K. regulated retail market.

Top content provider Inspired has achieved its goal of expanding popularity across the UK by delivering fully integrated management services to Paddy Power, including installation, remote and on-site technical support, and content and platform development, to 1,400 terminals out of 350 UK retail portfolios.

In addition, under the agreement, Paddy Power will purchase approximately 1,400 Inspired Vantage server gaming cabinets during 2023. 슬롯머신사이트

Inspired’s latest invention is fueled by a smart operating system that includes a stylish, unconventional next-generation menu with the option to customize game recommendations according to game sessions.

Brooks Pierce President and COO said, “Paddy Power does an outstanding job of operating UK betting shop sites that tend to include premium locations and we are excited to partner with such a top provider.

“We have a good relationship with Paddy Power, and this deal, which includes the delivery of a new Vantage terminal, will improve product offerings and drive sales growth while reducing operating costs. This is a prime example of how shifting the footprint in the UK from a hardware-focused, capital-intensive business model to a managed services, content and platforms, and asset utilization model can be mutually beneficial for industry development.”

For Paddy Power, this alliance ensures new content that is fully customized and tailored to the needs and expectations, meaning that in the future, Paddy Power can be expected to become the UK’s leading retail provider.

Vince Bateson, Head of Retail Gaming at Paddy Power, said, “We have a great partnership with Inspired that has evolved over the years. Our customers know and trust Inspired’s products, and we are happy to enhance our products with the latest handsets and the best technology. Inspired’s Vantage Terminal did exceptionally well in our trials and perfectly fits our strategic goal of providing our customers with the best possible experience at our retail shop.”


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