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‘Iron Wall’ Kim Min-jae’s physical fight ‘Bang!’ → 191cm monster striker ‘Wobble’, couldn’t even catch the ball properly… ‘0th shooting’ humiliation

Manchester United lost 0-1 to Munich in the sixth group match of the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League (UCL) at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on the 13th (Korea time).

Kim played his fifth full-time Champions League game this season. He competed mostly with opposing striker Hoylun. It was Kim’s complete victory. Hoylun, who played as Manchester United’s central striker, was humiliated by failing to score a single shot. 메이저 토토사이트

His performance was overwhelming. According to the sports statistics magazine “Foot Mob,” Kim recorded a success rate of 94 percent (83/88), two kicks, one interception, and one header clear. On the other hand, Hoylun recorded a success rate of 14 percent (1/7), six passes, and three lost balls. After being checked by Kim throughout the game, he failed to make a proper attack.

From the beginning of the first half, Kim Min-jae completely dominated Hoylun’s lead. In the 18th minute, Hoylun received a sharp pass from Bruno Fernandes (28) and penetrated into the penalty box. Dayo Upamecano (25) missed the ball for a moment. Kim Min-jae quickly returned to the gate and managed to pull out the ball even before Hoylun tried to shoot. Hoylun turned around feeling sorry.

Even at the end of the first half, Kim Min-jae displayed a monstrous defense. At the 44th minute, Hoylun caught the ball from the Munich side. Kim ran from a long distance and collided strongly with Hoylun. Hoylun, who is 191 centimeters tall and boasts a monstrous physique, stumbled and fell off the ground. Kim took the ball leisurely and passed it quickly.

He even managed to secure a decisive defense. At the second half of the second half, Manchester United striker Antony (23) penetrated into the back space. With Kim’s bold tackle, Munich got out of the woods. At the seventh minute, Kim Min-jae made a clean sweep of Manchester United’s cross.

Kim Min-jae’s intensive checks continued on Hoylun. At the 23rd minute, he showed a level difference. When Hoylun tried to catch the ball at the end line, Kim pushed his body to induce a throw-in. Hoylun even failed to touch properly. Kim’s skillful defense gave Munich the ball. Two minutes later, Munich took the lead with the opening goal of Kingsley Coman (27).

At the end of the second half, Kim Min-jae even aimed for a goal himself. When the ball hit the opponent’s defense at the 37th minute of free kick, he finished with a left-footed shot himself. The ball went up after hitting Jonny Evans (35). Munich ended up with a 1-0 victory.

Kim Min-jae teamed up with Upamecano as a central defender. Coach Thomas Tuchel deployed a large number of key players including Harry Kane (30), Leroy Sane (27), Leon Goretzka (28), Joshua Kimmich (28) and Manuel Neuer (37).

All schedules in Group A have been completed. Manchester United ranked the lowest with six matches with one win, one draw, four losses and four points. It has failed to play in the European match. Munich had already confirmed its advance to the round of 16 best teams in the group. Copenhagen (Denmark) won the final match against Galatasaray (Turkiye) to secure the second place.


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