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“Is it a tearful bread again?” Choi Ji-man endured for eight years, and the minor contract candidate fell…”It wasn’t productive.” Even criticism

“MLB Trade Rumors (MLBTR),” which specializes in transfer news within the Major League, put Choi Ji-man’s name on the 5 left-handed candidates who will sign a minor league contract with the Washington Nationals in the 2024 season on the 9th (Korea time). Along with Choi Ji-man, many players who once made their names on the Major League stage, including Mike Ford, Austin Meadows, Daniel Vogelback and Jared Walsh, were included in the list.

MLBTR said, “These players have been sitting in left-handed seats in their respective careers, showing better-than-average offense. However, none of them were able to qualify as free agents due to favorable conditions,” adding, “Choi suffered from injury in the 2023 season. He only played 39 games without much productivity. The other four were either released as non-tenders or became free agents with no strings attached.”

Choi Ji-man, who graduated from Dongsan High School in Incheon, challenged the U.S. stage by signing with the Seattle Mariners in 2010, and ate tearful bread for more than five years in the minor league. 토토사이트 순위

After playing for the Baltimore Orioles, Choi finally made his Major League debut in 2016 with the Los Angeles Angels, and played 54 games. Since then, he has been a regular first baseman for the Tampa Bay Rays through the New York Yankees and Milwaukee Brewers, and even became the first Korean fielder to enter the World Series.

Choi’s career took a sharp turn when he was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates ahead of the 2023 season. The problem was his injury. He underwent surgery to remove bone fragments from his elbow in late 2022 but was traded to the San Diego Padres after being out of the lineup due to left Achilles tendon injury in mid-April. After that, he suffered injury to his left rib and right foot in succession, and failed to show off his skills. He had an “unproductive” year, batting average of 39 games, six homers and 13 RBIs in a preliminary FA season.

Choi is currently looking for a bird’s nest as a free agent, but the situation is not easy. Although Choi’s abundant experience in 525 Major League games is considered his strength, he showed great weakness in durability last year and has failed to attract the attention of big league clubs, as he recorded the lowest record except for his debut season. Surprisingly, his name on the minor league contract list was not mentioned by the local media.

MLBTR said, “None of the five players will be the top priority for Washington. However, if Washington seeks to secure backup left-handed hitters through minor league contracts or major league contracts at affordable prices, it could be a target that can recruit five players.”

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