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Is it okay to be like Manchester United’s CB girlfriend…Covering only where to hide. ‘Shock’ → ‘Carnival Goddess’ transformed into → ‘Luxury Body’ fans wow~

Lisandro Martinez, a center back who plays for Manchester United in the English Premier League, moved to Manchester United in July 2022. Lisandro, who played for Ajax in the Netherlands, signed a contract with Manchester United until June 2027. Lisandro became a winning member of the Argentinean national team at the World Cup in Qatar that year.

Lisandro, who played as a key defender in the rear build-up last season, unfortunately suffered an injury and was out of his team’s roster this season. In the early days of the season, he struggled as a starting center back for his team. However, he left Champions League games due to injury, not in the Premier League, which caused fans to feel sorry for him.

In the 2023-2024 season, he suffered a mysterious injury in an away match against Bayern Munich in the first Group A match of the UEFA Champions League. On Sept. 21, Manchester United lost 4-3 in an away match, with word coming out that Lisandro was injured after the match. He suffered a metatarsal injury at the end of last season, which has returned.

Lisandro has been sidelined for 10 weeks since then, with promising news for Manchester United recently. He returned to training early in the New Year and replaced Jonny Evans midway through the second half of the match against Tottenham on the 14th. It was his first comeback in about four months since Sept. 21. 사설 토토사이트

Manchester United fans, who were enthusiastic about Lisandro’s return, recently cheered when they saw his girlfriend. This is because his girlfriend became the goddess of carnival.

Murri Lopez had a romantic relationship with Lisandro for 10 years since he was a teenager. He is a model and dancer. That’s why he always tries to take care of his luxurious body. He sometimes brags about his body on social media.

But this time, she was selected as a goddess at a carnival held in Argentina, and showed off her luxurious body shape. When it comes to carnival, women who really cover up places to cover participate in the parade, drawing attention.

According to a recent report by The Sun, fans were impressed by Lisandro’s girlfriend Lopez’s body shape, saying, “I’m from a different planet.” This is because there were few clothes on earth to cover up the body as well as the body.

According to the article, Lopez shined brilliantly in stunning costumes at the Argentine Carnival. She wore a gold-plated necklace and a feathered crown on outfits like a bikini swimsuit.

Not only Manchester United fans but also Lisandro was impressed by this scene. Lisandro said, “The beauty that you have inside reflects what you see from the outside. What a unique and outstanding outfit.”

Fans also sent out heart emojis, saying, “You’re from another planet! Literally! There are times when we talk about them several times. I love you, my friend,” and “My queen.”


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