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Is there a magic of fall

After the match on the 6th, it is only three games apart from second-place KT to fifth-place KIA. KT and KIA beat Suwon LG and Jamsil Doosan side by side and maintained a three-game difference. Instead, third-place SSG lost the match against Hanwha in Daejeon, and fourth-place NC caught the match against Kiwoom in Changwon. 스포츠토토

There is a high possibility that these teams will eventually play the postseason with LG. The last variable is Doosan in sixth place. After losing to KIA on the 6th, he fell behind KIA by four games. Of course, there are five matches left against KIA in the future. He will also meet KIA on the 7th. However, in terms of power and momentum, it is unclear whether Doosan will win all five games and re-enter fifth place. For Doosan, “Lee Seung-yeop Magic” should really come out.

Without Lee Seung-yeop’s magic, KT, SSG, NC, and KIA will go to the semifinals. At this point, KT is the most stable. Of course, it is natural that there are ups and downs in performance to the extent that they lost to Kiwoom last weekend. At that time, the batting line was the lowest point. However, he is not inferior to LG, the leader in stability for each part, including starters, bullpen, batters, and defense.

However, KT cannot guarantee second place. SSG, NC, and KIA have their own solid weapons. First of all, we have to pay attention to NC and KIA. NC has absolute ace Eric Peddy. An official from another club was quite wary of this part. LG and KT also said they cannot guarantee victory if Pedi comes out in the first round of the short-term match. My lower batting line is weak, but Son Ah-seopPark Minwoo! Park GunwooThe power of the top line leading to Jason Martin is second to none.

KIA is the scariest team in recent years. He won nine consecutive games on the 6th. Industry officials predict that if the autumn baseball match table changes, KIA is most likely to lead. The upper batting line, the center batting line, and the lower batting line all have no time to count.

The starting lineup also does not have a clear first choice, but all four currently in operation and Mario Sanchez, who will return, have more than two to three pre-issues. Bullpen supply is the highest in recent years. The power composition is so stable that I wonder why it is in fifth place. The aftereffects of consecutive losses after winning consecutive games are a variable, and some predict that the mound will not be as big as the batters.

On the other hand, SSG’s flow and atmosphere are gradually decreasing in the second half. The batting line, which actively exploded in the first half, tends to be blocked at an important moment. The bullpen centered on veterans is also worse than in the first half. The power of the starters is clearly lower than last year. At this point, there is a possibility that he will fall victim to the revolution of the autumn baseball match table from KIA.

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