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Is there still an online casino without an Oasis player ban?

Oasis central lock files can make valuable contributions to player protection and addiction control, but data privacy concerns are high in the gaming community. There are still many online casinos without Oasis checks because not all virtual arcade providers have joined the Player Blocking System yet.

The State Gambling Treaty (GluStV 2021) provides a nationwide obligation to exclude all gambling providers, but online casinos licensed outside Germany are not affected by this statutory provision. Only up to two weekly draws, winning savings contracts, total recliners and online off-the-shelf betting are exempt from the law. 슬롯머신

The virtual casinos on our list do not have to look up player status online, mainly because they have licenses from other EU countries or other countries affiliated with the European Union. But you can also play the game safely and fairly.

Why do online casinos still exist without an Oasis player ban?
The reason online casinos still exist without an Oasis player ban is because of the license. Many gambling providers are based outside of Germany and do not operate with German gambling licenses for this reason. Operators of these online games are not forced to join a central prohibition file. Anyone who hasn’t applied for a license from Germany and doesn’t have to act under German law is fine as an operator and can run the game without the control of Oasis.

For example, casinos in Curacao, Malta or Gibraltar are licensed in their respective states, so they can offer all online games without oasis prohibited files. Such a central barrier is not known there. However, foreign companies that applied for German permits must comply with German gambling laws and ensure that there are barriers to customers that may exist.

Since 2020, licensed British gamblers have had to work with a similar system called GamStop installed by the British government. GamStop participation is also mandatory in online casinos in the UK.

The difference from the German ban file is that it is much more difficult for players from Germany to remove entries and for the ban to be lifted. In the UK, player bans can be asked to be lifted after 24 hours, but in Germany it is only possible after a week. If a third-party report prohibits play in an oasis, you cannot request a cancellation until a month has passed. In addition, in the UK, there is only self-exclusion, while in Germany, third parties such as gambling providers or families can also order players to be excluded from the game.

Is it legal to play in a casino without an oasis prohibition file?
Germany’s regulators still have a long way to go before they can act fully.

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