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“Isn’t Lee Jung-hoo Panic Bye?” U.S. media said

The U.S. media “CBS Sports” viewed Lee Jung-hoo’s contract with the San Francisco Giants with a rather critical view. The possibility of a so-called “panic bye” should also be kept in mind. CBS Sports raised a question on the 14th (Korea time), saying, “This point is not about Lee Jung-hoo, but about the perception that the Giants and CEO Fahan Zaidi should catch a big fish.” 온라인경마

According to several local media outlets, including the New York Post and MLBcom, on the 13th, the Giants signed a six-year $113 million contract with Lee Jung-hoo. It was an ultra-high deal that far exceeded expectations. Although Lee Jung-hoo’s ransom soared from $50 million to $60 million (about 65 billion to 78 billion won) at the beginning of the stove league to $80 million to $90 million (about 104 billion to 117 billion won), some say that $100 million is an overpayment.

Of course, many media outlets called the deal “amazing contract” based on Lee’s ability to play defense and base running capabilities. CBS Sports, however, shed light on the recent situation facing the Giants and Zaidi, asking why they splurged so much money.

CBS Sports said, “Zaidi has won two times in five seasons since taking office. He has advanced to the playoffs only once. The Giants’ attempt to grab the top spot became a meme. The Giants chased Giancarlo Stanton, Bryce Harper, and Aaron Judge, to no avail. Carlos Correa’s contract was canceled due to a medical examination,” he said, reciting the Giants’ painful history.

He added, ‘The Giants have also turned to Shohei Ohtani this winter. He has also been mentioned as a trio of candidates who strongly want Yoshinobu Yamamoto.’ The Giants have always had a bitter cup in their FA recruitment. They needed a powerful shot to turn around their failures.

CBS Sports said, “Lee is not close to those players (Harper, Judge, Ohtani, etc.). However, he is an internationally recognized player and has illustrious career. Zaidi may have overpaid to sign a contract with a relatively top player at once.”

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