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It was 100 million dollars from the start. Scott Boras’ guts worked again.

Why SD, which mobilized all of its Korean acquaintances during the Kim Ha-sung era, was quiet. He has demonstrated that even if he only plays in the KBO League, he can now play in the Major League with big hits. Unfortunately, Kim Ha-sung and Lee Jung-hoo will not be able to play together in the San Diego Padres. Still, you can often see the two players having a showdown in the same National League West Division.

In this posting, San Diego was also mentioned as a team to recruit Lee Jung-hoo. In particular, as San Diego traded Juan Soto and Trent Grisham to the New York Yankees, there was an expectation that the possibility of recruiting Lee Jung-hoo increased as the outfield position was empty. It was San Diego that succeeded by recruiting Kim Ha-sung, and Lee Jung-hoo played with Kim Ha-sung in Kiwoom, so it was expected that Lee Jung-hoo would be active in recruiting Lee Jung-hoo. 사설 토토사이트

No, the San Diego Padres were not very enthusiastic about the bidding from the start. Scott Boras, Lee’s agent, reportedly demanded 100 million U.S. dollars from the start, and most teams were reluctant to do so. “While Boras was paying 100 million dollars, many teams decided it would be better to find a proven player than Lee,” a source said. “San Diego has also been waiting and watching the market since hearing the amount.”

When San Diego recruited Kim Ha-sung, it mobilized its acquaintances in Korea to persuade him, but there was no such work this time. He was looking at the situation because the amount Boras called was too big.

There was a team that showed much more aggression. It was the San Francisco Giants. San Francisco sent a scout every day to watch Lee’s training during Kiwoom’s Arizona spring camp in February, and when Lee last played in October, general manager Pete Putilla visited the Gocheok Sky Dome to watch the game.

It is rare for a general manager to visit the team in person to see the player. The fact that the decision maker flies in an airplane means that it is almost the final stage. In the past, when Lee Dae-ho moved to the Orix Buffaloes and Oh Seung-hwan went to the Hanshin Tigers, everyone came to Korea and watched the game in person.

Confident of Lee Jung-hoo’s skills, San Francisco opened its wallet for $100 million and hugged Lee Jung-hoo. As a result, Boras’ eyes and guts worked. It is a contract that proves why he is the best agent.

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