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It was the right decision to leave Tottenham

“Seven months to say goodbye to SON.””Happy jobless.”

Conte, who resigned in March after demonstrating a “everything-cracking” with Tottenham’s leadership, attended the 100th anniversary of Juventus’ acquisition of the Aenely family club on the 10th.

Director Conte, who gave an impromptu interview with Sky Sports Italy, said, “Right now, I’m taking a break and having a good time with my family. Now, I’m enjoying this atmosphere and what’s happening around me,” he said.

Conte said, “The decision I made to leave Tottenham was 토토사이트

In March, during the 2022-2023 season, Conte put down the baton after strongly criticizing the Tottenham squad’s mentorship and the leadership’s management of the club.

Tottenham, which remained in the European Champions League under Conte, missed a ticket to the European club competition by finishing eighth in the season after a skit of appointing an acting agent and an acting agent.

The team was normalized only after appointing former Celtic manager Enzi Postecoglou this season. As of the eighth round, Tottenham is leading the way with six wins, two draws and no losses.

Director Conte, who has been “unemployed” for more than six months, has recently become more and more likely to get a job. Reports are pouring out that Serie A defending champion Napoli wants to replace current coach Rudy Garcia and appoint Conte to take responsibility for the slump.


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