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It’s like a Brazilian hometown club…Neymar 父 Remittles KRW 200 Million For Alves ‘Sex Crime Alleged → Under Trial’

“Neymar’s father transferred 150,000 euros (about 216 million won) to a Spanish court. This could help reduce Dani Alves’ sentence,” soccer media Tribuna reported on the 9th (Korea time). 실시간 바카라사이트

Alves was once a side defender with outstanding attack capability. He crushed the opponent team’s side by banking on his ability to participate in attacks. Alves was in his prime during his Barcelona years. He has won six league titles in Barcelona since the 2008/09 season. He also won the Copa del Rey four times.

It won the title three times each at the UEFA Champions League and FIFA Club World Cups. It played for Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, and also won the Serie A and League 1. It has won 43 championships in total. It is the second highest record after Lionel Messi.

Not only did they meet the team well, but their personal skills were among the best in the world. It has been selected as the FIFA World Best 11 eight times. It has been named the UEFA Team of the Year five times. Personal skills and team performance were perfect.

Alves moved to Kluv Universidad Nacional in the Mexican league at the end of his career. Then, he got into trouble. He was arrested in December 2022 for sexually assaulting a woman at a club in Barcelona. Thus, he has been detained in Barcelona since January.

Alves’ contract was terminated by his team. Alves’ statement was later overturned, and several pieces of evidence emerged from the woman’s body. Alves applied for bail in a Spanish court, but the court dismissed it on the grounds of flight concerns.

The Spanish prosecutor’s office said, “Alves’ violence shocked the victim, and she was unable to respond. I was so afraid that I could not breathe properly,” adding, “The victim suffers from intense post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Spanish prosecutors sought nine years in prison and compensation for the damage. It also demanded a ban on access and communication of 1,000 meters from victims for the same period as a 10-year suspended sentence.

According to Tribuna, Neymar’s father transferred 150,000 euros to a Spanish court to help Alves. The media explained, “This is explained by the mitigation of compensation for the damage. If Alves is convicted, he could help reduce his prison term.”

“You may wonder why a famous player like Alves needs money. He explains that his assets were blocked after he broke up with his ex-wife. One of the oldest legal representatives in Neymar’s company has acted as a lawyer to solve this problem,” he said.

Currently, Alves is awaiting trial. The situation is not very favorable to Alves. There is a possibility that he will be sentenced to nine years in prison as demanded by the prosecution.

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