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“It’s not Hwang Heechan!” Wolverhampton, “Korean Leaguer.” Happy surprise birthday…Who’s the main character?

Wolverhampton Wanderers uploaded a post celebrating Seol Ki-hyun’s birthday on its official social network service (SNS) on the 8th (Korea Standard Time). 온라인경마

Seol is a Korean leaguer who joined Wolverhampton before Hwang Hee-chan, who has established himself as Wolverhampton’s ace player. After playing in Europe since 2000, Seol left Anderlecht (Belgium) in 2004 to join Wolverhampton. He played in 76 matches in all tournaments during the two seasons, scoring 10 goals and eight assists.

Although he has been with Wolverhampton for only two years, Wolverhampton did not forget to send Seol a congratulatory message. Seol is also the 7,000th player in Wolverhampton’s history to score. On the corner of Molineux Stadium, Wolverhampton’s home stadium, there is a sign commemorating Seol’s 7,000th goal for the club.

After that, Seol joined Reading in 2006, he wore a Fulham uniform for three years from 2007. Then in 2010, he joined the Pohang Steelers and played in Korea before passing through Ulsan HD and Incheon United and announcing his retirement from active duty. After starting his career as a leader after retirement, Seol put down the baton of Gyeongnam FC, where he had been for three years, after K League 2 ended last season.

Meanwhile, Hwang Hee-chan, Seol’s junior at Wolverhampton, has been showing amazing performances this season. He has stood tall as the most prolific goal scorer in his team, scoring 10 goals this season alone in the league. It is his most goals in a season since joining the Premier League in 2021. Hwang is currently ranked sixth alone in scoring in the Premier League.

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