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Its Sumire Nakamura, My Goal is to be Ranked 2nd Within 5 Years

Transfer to Korea’ Sumire “It Won’t be Easy, But my Goal is to be Ranked 2nd Within 5 Years”

Every day is precious… I hope it becomes an opportunity for both countries to develop together in baduk

I eat kimchi stew every day and among K-pop singers, I like IU.

Sumire Nakamura (15), a 3rd dan Japanese ‘baduk prodigy’ who moved to Korea Baduk,

honestly revealed his goals and determination to the media of both Korea and Japan.

On the 4th, Nakamura 3rd Dan held a joint Korean-Japanese press conference at Kiwon, Majang-ro, Seongdong-gu, and said,

“It won’t be easy, but within five years, she wants to rise to second place in the Korean women’s ranking.” 파워볼

Nakamura, who joined Nippon Kiwon’s special selection for gifted talent in April 2019,

won the 26th Women’s Tournament in February 2023,

setting a record for the youngest title in Nippon Kiwon’s history and playing an active role as a top female knight.

Her Japanese origins her career record is 164 wins and 88 losses,

giving her a winning percentage of over 65%.

However, experts estimate Nakamura’s level to be around 10th in the rankings in Korea,

where the player base of female knights is thicker than in Japan.

Sumire Nakamura said, “I think my current level of skill in Korea is around 15th in the rankings,” and “my goal is to raise my level to 2nd in the rankings within 5 years.”

Regarding the reason for setting the goal of 2nd place rather than 1st place, he said,

“In Korean women’s baduk, Choi Jeong, Kim Eun-ji, Kim Chae-young, and Oh Yu-jin’s 9th dan level is not easy for me to overcome, so realistically,

1st place is impossible,” and “Even if I only get to 2nd place, I can improve my skills.”

“I think it has been raised sufficiently,” he added.

About 30 reporters from major Japanese media attended the press conference on this day, showing great interest.

When asked again why he moved to Korea after leaving behind a stable life as a driver in Japan,

Nakamura said, “I know it is not an easy challenge in Korea because there are so many strong drivers,

and I feel anxious,” and added, “I learned a lot on my own in a country with a high level.

“I decided to transfer because I wanted to become stronger,” he said.

Nakamura is scheduled to face off against 9th dan Park Jeong-hwan,

who he said is the knight he admires most, in the Sawpalcosanol final round on the 11th.

“I am very happy to play against 9th Dan Park Jung-hwan,” he said, adding,

“I am nervous because he is a world-class rider, but I am really looking forward to the match.”

Nakamura, who turned 15 on the 2nd, is still a lively teenager.

Nakamura, who likes K-pop and especially enjoys listening to singer IU,

said he likes kimchi stew so much that he eats it every day.


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