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Jamie Gold Wins WSOP

Jamie Gold won the 2006 World Series Poker’s Main Event, the largest and richest game in poker history. Gold’s dominance in this field was unprecedented in WSOP history. He was the chip leader for the last four rounds of the event, which lasted all week.

Former Hollywood agent Gold, a Malibu, California-turned-television producer, collected an overwhelming chip lead during the first eight days of the tournament and sat at the final table with $26,650,000 worth of chips, $8.88 million more than his nearest competitor.

Gold, who had been leading the tournament since last Friday, won his first title of the day and shortly thereafter set the stage for a commanding performance that ended the two-week tournament by knocking out Dan Nasif. After an exciting 14-hour match, he knocked out the rest of the field, including top poker pro Alan Cunningham.

Gold’s $10,000 entry to the main event was provided by , an online gaming giant and leading digital entertainment brand. Today, he competed with eight remaining players in 8,773 stadiums for a record $12 million in first place prize money and a coveted gold crown bracelet. 온라인경마

After winning poker’s biggest tournament and prestigious bracelets, a triumphant Gold said, “I can’t believe it, I’m very happy. It was hard at first, but once I felt in control, I realized that it would be very hard for me to win if I continued playing my game.” He added, “This would not have been possible without the support of my friends and family along with the members of the Bogdock team.”

Gold’s two-year deal with also includes a $1 million television production deal, as well as standard tournament buy-in and promotional appearances. The deal also includes ‘s Jamie Gold Table, where Gold will play frequently, allowing other Bodogs players to face WSOP champions.

“Jamie really epitomizes the dogma spirit. We are incredibly proud of his achievement and excited for his performance at the tournament,” said Calvin Eyre, founder and CEO of . “While poker’s popularity continues to grow, it has been the most exciting and dominant game since WSOP has grown to its current size.”

More than 500 players have qualified for various WSOP tournaments by playing online poker on . Gold was one of 400 Team Bodock players at the main event. The 36-year-old former agent from Paramus, New Jersey, represented many A-list celebrities, including James Gandolfini, Felicity Huffman, Lucy Liu, and Brandi. Gold quit the agent six months ago and is currently the executive producer at BuzzNation, an entertainment media and production company based in Los Angeles. Gold is currently in development on the brand’s reality TV series.

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