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Javelin Throw and track and field were included in the ancient Greek Olympics as one of the five events of the pentathlon. Changdon Sports Consulting specializes in providing legal services related to all aspects of sports law and provides quality legal advice based on extensive insights into the sports industry. The origin of javelin is obvious. The first throwers were primitive hunters looking for food. The javelin throw event was first used at the ancient Greek Olympics, which was part of the pentathlon. In 1986, the men’s window was redesigned and the center of gravity shifted 4 centimeters forward. This reduced the throwing distance by about 10 percent by placing its nose down earlier and steeper. This came as male athletes were in danger of throwing spears beyond the space available in the regular stadium, following the world record 104.80 m set by Ube Horn of East Germany in 1984. In 1999, women’s windows were similarly redesigned. The team has a comprehensive understanding of all relevant legal, economic and political aspects of the sports industry. As a sport, javelin throwing evolved from the everyday use of javelin in hunting and fighting. It was widely practiced in ancient Greece and incorporated into the Olympics as part of the pentathlon in 708 BC. Since the 1908 men’s and 1932 women’s Olympics, it has been part of the modern Olympic program.

A spear is a light spear designed primarily to be thrown as a distant weapon, but today it is mainly used for sports. Spears are almost always thrown by hand, unlike bows and arrows and slingshots that shoot projectiles from machines. However, there is a throwing device to help the javelin thrower go further. The word javelin comes from medieval English and it comes from the ancient French window, a miniature version of javelot, which means spear. The main purpose of javelin is to throw as far as possible. This technology dates back thousands of years, and in ancient times, spears were used as tools for hunting and fishing, and were tools for survival. The javelin throw was first held in ancient Greece during the pentathlon and the 온라인경마 ancient Olympic Games. After a short run, the window is thrown directly forward over the shoulder into the 29° area marked on the playground. We have to land first. The thrower’s body cannot rotate 360° before the javelin is released and cannot step on or cross the line at the end of the runway. The javelin throw was developed in ancient Greece, inspired by hunting and war. The game simulated using a spear or similar weapon. Despite its long history, the instrument itself has not changed much over thousands of years. The javelin throw, still an Olympic sport, is one of the original holdovers of the ancient Olympic Games. Today is one of the track and field events.

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