Sunday, 26th May 2024

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Johntay Potter Reportedly Receives Millions Through Betting Account

The growing popularity of sports betting continues to raise concerns about the impact of gambling on professional and college sports. There have been many scandals over the past year, with accusations against college and professional athletes who allegedly participated in gambling activities. Currently, sports leagues explicitly prohibit athletes or other people involved from betting on certain sports, while some ban sports betting altogether. Violations are not uncommon despite strict rules.

Recently, the name of Jonay Porter, a Toronto Raptors center, was caught up in a betting scandal. Media reports in March said the player was under investigation by the NBA for betting irregularities related to several games. 토토

Under the NBA’s current rules, professional athletes and other sports-related employees are not allowed to bet on sports, including related leagues such as the WNBA and G League. However, the association does not restrict betting on other sports.

Now, according to a newly released report by Action Network, citing “several sources with firsthand knowledge,” the Raptors Center claims to have VIP accounts in FanDuel and Colorado, two popular sportsbook operators. The professional athlete, who owns and runs those accounts, has bet millions of dollars over two years between 2021 and 2023, the unnamed sources claimed.

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