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Kane Recommends Recruitment To Munich… Kim Min-jae Will Bring In ‘Son Heung-min’s Old Fellow’ As New Partner

German media ‘Bild’ reported on the 9th (Korea time), “Munich has begun recruiting Clement Langelle (28, Aston Villa) at the recommendation of Harry Kane (30).

Munich is considered one of the leading contenders for this season as well. With 12 Bundesliga matches, it has secured 32 points with 10 wins and two draws, and is fiercely competing with Leverkusen for the lead.

He has also become a traditional powerhouse in the European competition. He secured four wins and one draw in Group A, confirming his advance to the round of 16 teams early on. He has scored 11 goals in five matches, and only six goals were scored.

It is not without elements of instability. A thin base of center-backs is bothering Munich. The sudden departure of Bangjamain Pavard in the transfer market this summer was a big result.

The rest of the center backs took the burden. Kim played full-time in 15 consecutive games without any time to rest, while Matthijs the Licht and Dayo Upamecano suffered injuries alternately. 파칭코

It is almost a given to recruit a new center back in January next year. Munich has shown interest in recruiting diverse center backs such as Trevor Chalobah and Eric Dier.

Among them, Kane recommended the recruitment of Langley. According to the report, Kane, who had been a teammate with Langley at Tottenham, reportedly told the club that Langley is a player with excellent defense and professionalism.

Langley is having a hard time this season. He left Barcelona on loan in September and joined Aston Villa, but the situation is not good. He has only played in five games.

There is a good chance that his transfer to Munich will be completed. Bild said, “It is impossible for Munich to lease Ranglet again. Barcelona, Ranglet’s original team, will accept negotiations if it offers an offer of 10 million euros (14.2 billion won).”

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