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Kang In-hwon is having trouble sleeping

“I can’t sleep.”

NC Dinos head coach Kang In-hwon is having trouble sleeping as he coaches the team’s spring camp in Tucson, Arizona, USA. It’s been almost a month since he arrived and he’s still jetlagged, but that’s not the case. He can’t close his eyes when he thinks about his catcher. What’s the story.

NC got their hands on a huge future asset last fall. The discovery of catcher Kim Hyung-joon. After breaking out on the way to a gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games, Kim quickly became the starting catcher for NC Fall Baseball.

NC had a free agent catcher, 바카라사이트 Park Se-hyuk, who they spent 4.6 billion won to acquire. However, when Park suffered from left wrist pain, Kim stepped in to fill in. Kang, a former catcher, believed in Kim’s growth potential and invested in him, and in the fall baseball season, Kim showed a tremendous two-hit performance, announcing the birth of the “second Yang Ji.

Last season is over.

Now it’s time to prepare for the new season. But who should we use as the main catcher? It’s a difficult question. If we think about the future of the team, we should develop Kim Hyung-joon as the main catcher. But it would crush the pride of Park Se-hyuk, who has also played for the national team. That’s not to say that Park isn’t good enough.

It’s possible to give both players a chance. However, in the regular season, it’s better for the organization to have a clear-cut starter and backup. This is especially true for the catcher position. You need to give your pitchers consistency.

Kang is a former catcher. He knows the answer better than anyone. His head knows how to solve the problem, but his heart guides his decisions. “Right now, I’m thinking about how to distribute the two players to maximize the synergy,” Kang said. “If I use one player as the centerpiece, the other one takes too much time. Or I’m thinking about distributing them according to their pitching tendencies. And then we’ll use him based on his conditioning. But for sure, the best option would be to have a fixed starter and a backup.”

If Park is on his last free agent contract, 토토사이트 순위 he might be less eager to play. But Park is in his second year of free agency, and he’s old enough to think about the next one. He’s eager to play. Not to mention Kim Hyung-joon. He’ll be itching to play.

What kind of Solomon’s wisdom will coach Kang bring to the table? It’s certainly better than nothing. It can be a happy predicament. Other teams are struggling without a catcher.

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