Thursday, 13th June 2024

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Kang In-kwon’s winning move to go straight to semi-PO, Song Myung-ki’s early steel plate All-out battle with bullpen

NC, which has been confirmed to advance to the postseason, is now aiming to go straight to the semi-playoff. Before the game, head coach Kang In-kwon said, “The last three games will be the most important three games of the year. The best strength is difficult because the fielders are injured. I’m concerned about that, but I think the players will show their concentration in the last three games as they have done well, he said. “I think we need to make the most of our power and do our best to secure the third place.” 토토사이트

The will was shown in the running of the game. When starter Song Myung-ki allowed two runs, including a wild pitch with two outs in the third inning, Lee Jae-hak, the starting resource, was immediately put in. He came up from the first base with two outs in the third inning when the game was tied 2-2, and finished the third inning due to Samsung’s first baseman Koo Ja-wook’s failed steal. NC began to take a 3-2 lead again by adding one run in the bottom of the third inning, and Lee Jae-hak handled the fourth inning with three outs, and gave up a walk to Lee Sung-kyu after one out in the fifth inning, but induced Kim Jae-sung to ground out to second base. Lee Jae-hak, who played two innings, came down the mound ahead of left-handed hitter Kim Ji-chan.

He quickly activated the must-win group in the fifth inning. He strengthened his will to win by putting Kim Young-kyu on the mound during Kim Ji-chan’s at-bat with two outs in the fifth inning. Kim Young-kyu passed the middle of the game by turning on one ⅓ inning until the sixth inning.

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