Sunday, 26th May 2024

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“Kang Soo-ji TV Live, Love, and Learn” was posted on the YouTube channel titled “Kang Soo-ji 90’s Retro Concert.”

Kang Soo-ji explained, “Today, I had a time to reminisce about the memories while organizing the albums I had while preparing for the concert selection.” Kang Soo-ji said, “I was preparing for a concert that created a retro atmosphere, so I had to choose what song to sing, so when I opened the market, there were albums.”

Kang Soo-ji said, “The second album was loved the most. A lot of boys, elementary, middle and high school students bought it. There was a bus stop and a record store in front of my house. In the month when new songs or popular songs are released, singers’ LPs were inserted in front of them. I saw this when I passed in front of course. I remember so much,” he recalled.

He then introduced the albums one by one, saying, “There are 10 full-length albums.” “I once published a photo book in Japan. I published two volumes. I lived there on a contract for two and a half years. It was filmed in Australia and Japan. If you look at it, there are some pictures like that,” he said, revealing past pictorials.

“It was a good experience. I remember having fun filming it. “There were some pictures online,” he said. 안전 토토사이트

Kang Soo-ji said, “I think I was in my 30s at this time. You’re really young. It can be said that people feel betrayed when they see them now. The years have passed. There were so many pictures, but it was hard to choose from there. At that time, it’s okay to do anything,” he said, admiring his beauty in the past.

“I remember this time and think about wearing a big ribbon for this concert. It feels new. I need to make it go a little bit longer. I’ll go to the dermatologist tomorrow,” he said, shaking his face.

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