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Karma is not friendly on day 1A of WSOP main event

A serious Carmick Twist kicked off Monday with 1,125 contestants hoping the poker gods would smile at them. WSOP invited Greg Raymer, who won the 2004 WSOP main event, to the 2010 main event and handed dealers the traditional “Shuffle Up and Deal.” But before saying the poker board, “Everyone, run the engines,” Raymer had the fun of reminding people that he was the main event champion. “We all know why we’re here,” Raymer said in a packed Amazon room. “We’re here because we all want one of these (bracket).”

After 30 minutes, Reimer had 1,200 chips (he started with 30,000). And less than 90 minutes into the tournament, Reimer was eliminated from the tournament. Sometimes karma can be rough. Reimer was not the only fan to be eliminated from the tournament on day 1A. Dallas Mavericks star Sean Marion, comedian Ray Romano, poker experts Mike Matusow, Isaac Hexton, David “Cino” Lim, and Victor Ramdeen were among those eliminated early on. Larger field sizes are expected for the next three days of “Day 1,” but there was no shortage in terms of star power on day 1A.

Amateurs such as comedian David Alan Greer, Playboy playmates Sarah Jean Underwood, Marion, and Romano made headlines, as did pros such as Matusow, Reimer, and Eric Sidel. What really stood out on Monday, however, was how much the main event changed. Before, players would wear the wrong costumes to appear on TV. Cocktail waitresses kept letting beer and alcohol flow. Comedians would speak clearly to the camera. And massage therapists are still there. But the wrong costumes are gone. And so is alcohol. Players are now drinking water or red fire.

In fact, cocktail waitresses can drink upon request, but no longer even alcohol on the tray. Amateur players like Romano and Greer also take the game seriously. When Romano had a hard time, he congratulated his opponent and, like other poker players, talked about cups with other players at the table. Greer came to his senses and was always following the action at the table. 안전놀이터 추천

And Underwood clearly knows what she’s doing. She thought of all her options before making a decision, and aggressively chose her place. These players know that they’re not professional players. But they know the game. They respect the game. And they’re not here to turn it into a sideshow. Table jokes, for the most part, were calm and professional. For the first time in recent memory, the click of chips where everyone was playing with chips made the conversation disappear easily from the table.

Of course, there have been a few explosions, but nothing like the past. The WSOP main event isn’t a huge “poker party” we’ve seen in the first decade of this century. It has truly become a “professional” tournament. Players aren’t happy just to be at the main event anymore. This is serious for them, and their approach to the game reflects that. Players focus on winning big prizes, and as a result, the atmosphere of the main event has changed dramatically.


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