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‘KBO’s first milestone’ Kang Seung-ho, home run, triple, double, short hit cycling hit…Doosan’s 5th consecutive win, 8-6 against KIA

Doosan came from behind to win 8-6 against the KIA Tigers in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League at Gwangju Kia Champions Field on the 15th. sixth-ranked Doosan recorded 61 wins, 54 losses, and 2 draws in the season, completely eliminating the game gap with fourth-ranked KIA (60 wins, 55 losses, and 2 draws), but failed to change its ranking due to its winning rate. KIA went down one notch to fifth place.

Kang Seung-ho of the Doosan Bears hit a home run, a triple, a double, and a hit in turn to achieve the 30th hit-for-the-cycle milestone in KBO league history. It’s a personal record number one. It is the first time in KBO that a home run, a triple, a double, and a hit are hit in order. Kang Seung-ho had four hits (one home run) in four at-bats, one walk, and three RBIs. 토토

Doosan produced six hit-for-the-cycle hitters, including Kang Seung-ho. It is the largest production of KBO clubs ever. The second place is the Samsung Lions, five times. Lim Hyung-seok (against Lotte in Jamsil on August 23, 1992) achieved it for the first time during OB, followed by Lee Jong-wook (against LG on April 11, 2009, Oh Jae-won (against Hanwha in Jamsil on May 23, 2014, Park Kun-woo (against KIA in Gwangju on June 16, 2016) and Jung Jin-ho (against Samsung on June 7, 2017).

Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop and KIA manager Kim Jong-kook were well aware of the importance of the three consecutive games. Before the game, Doosan was sixth with 61 wins, 57 losses, and 1 draw, and KIA was fourth with 60 wins, 54 losses, and 2 draws. The ranking was two notches apart, but the distance between the two teams was only one game apart. KIA had to stay in the top five by accumulating wins somehow, and Doosan had to seize this opportunity to reach fourth place if it swept the series.

Doosan came down to Gwangju preparing to pour out all the first, second and third starters, including Brandon Waddell, Raul Alcantara and Kwak Bin. However, KIA could not face it as a foreign pitcher. Thomas Panoni took the mound against Daegu Samsung on the 12th and lacks rest days, while Mario Sanchez has left due to an elbow injury and is rehabilitating in the second division. It was important for young pitchers such as Yoon Young-chul and Hwang Dong-ha to set the mood for the first and second games of the series.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “Since two weeks ago, every game and every series have been very important games. I think this three consecutive games will be the most important game. I want to show good performance in the game where the first, second, and third starters play. Rojas can also wait as a pinch hitter from today (15th). There is one game difference with KIA, and I think we can play a good game if we combine it well with the game as we have practiced since the camp without paying attention to the difference in the game,” he said.

Director Kim Jong-kook said, “What can I do?” We should only do it with domestic players. Especially, young players are going out today and tomorrow. “I hope you don’t feel pressured,” he said calmly. The youngest member of the Kia Tigers, Yoon Young-chul, a leading candidate for Rookie of the Year, took on the heavy responsibility of taking charge of the first game of an important series. Yoon Young-chul has recorded 21 games, eight wins and six losses, 103 innings, and a 4.19 ERA in a steady rotation this season. His ERA is high, but his responsibility for eight wins was enough to receive favorable reviews in the rookie season.

At first, he seemed unable to shake off the burden of a big game. Yoon Young-chul was sweating by throwing 32 balls in the first inning alone. After one out in the top of the first inning, I thought Kim Jae-ho induced a left-center fly ball, but the game was twisted as it became a double that fell over left fielder Choi Hyung-woo’s glove right in front of the fence. In the second base with one out, Yang Seok-hwan’s ball hit the third baseman and became a hit in front of the shortstop, putting him on the verge of first and third bases with one out. In the end, Doosan’s No. 4 hitter Yang Eui-ji hit a timely hit to the right to score a 1-0 first run.

Yoon Young-chul did not lose any additional points even though the number of pitches was not managed. He struck out Kim Jae-hwan with a swing and a miss in the ongoing crisis of one out and runners on first and second base. In the crisis of two outs and full base, which sent Kang Seung-ho on a walk, Heo Kyung-min was handled with a grounder to shortstop to finish the long first inning.

Yoon Young-chul was in the second crisis in the top of the third inning when he faced 1-1. After two outs, Kang Seung-ho hit a left-handed home run to make it 2-1. He had no choice but to be hit by a long hit because the second change-up went in high at the ball count of 0-1. Kang Seung-ho’s sixth shot of the season.

Yoon Young-chul was in trouble again when he sent Cho Soo-haeng out with an infield hit to the left of the second baseman after one out in the top of the fourth inning. The next batter, Jung Soo-bin, was grounded to second base, holding out to two outs, and the number of pitches reached 76. In the end, KIA replaced the mound with Kim Jae-yeol. Doosan failed to completely break Yoon Young-chul, but succeeded in getting the bullpen running quickly.

Yoon Young-chul came down the mound with a regretful look on his face after allowing only six hits (one home run) and two outs and three strikeouts. Yoon Young-chul’s maximum fastball speed was 137km, and his average speed was 135km. He threw a mix of changeups (15) and curves (8), relying on sliders (28) the most.

Lee Woo-sung was put in an unfair situation in the bottom of the second inning. It was after leadoff hitter Choi Hyung-woo got on base with a right-center double and made a one-out third base with Kim Sun-bin’s sacrifice bunt. Lee Woo-sung seemed to step down with a grounder to third baseman, but at this time, third baseman Huh Kyung-min made a throwing error. Lee Woo-sung tried to advance to second base while checking the missing ball, when he collided with Na Kwang-nam’s first base. Both Lee Woo-sung and Na Kwang-nam fell flat, and they were quite shocked and couldn’t easily make the next move. Doosan’s second baseman Park Gye-beom tagged out Lee Woo-sung during this time. Third baseman Choi Hyung-woo scored a 1-1 balance and failed to score additional points as the situation, which could have led to a chance to second base with one out, changed to a situation without a runner with two outs.

He blew away the disappointment of the previous at-bat with a cheerful shot. At the bottom of the fourth inning, when Doosan was leading 2-1, starter Brandon was shaking greatly as he sent Choi Hyung-woo and Kim Sun-bin out with walks and hits, respectively, after hitting a right-handed double by leadoff hitter Na Sung-bum. Lee Woo-sung took the batter’s box in a golden opportunity with no outs and bases loaded, and did not miss the 7th slider in the center at the ball count of 2-2, leading to a grand slam on the left side.


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