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KIA 20 years old 150km Rising Star’s ordeal? 11G Continuous Viscounting…Special Zero Man Resurrection ‘AG Green Light’

Choi Ji-min is one of the most advanced bullpen pitchers in the KBO League this year. Fastballs in the 140-kilometer range have risen to 150 kilometers in a year. However, it was my first full-time setup man, so I experienced ups and downs from June to July. In fact, he had a 2.19 ERA in April, a 0.244 ERA in May, a 0.146 ERA in May, and a 3.18 ERA in June and a 0.190.

However, in July, he was sluggish with one win, one loss, three holds, and a 6.14 ERA in eight games. The hit rate soared by 0.276 meals. From the end of the first half, the bullpen was overloaded due to cracks in the starting lineup, increasing dependence on Choi Ji-min. It was natural that Choi Ji-min, who put power pitching ahead of Lim Ki-young, who is good at pitching while arranging energy, consumed a lot of physical strength. In a big frame, he threw nonstop from Geelong Korea in the Australian professional baseball league last winter. 스포츠토토탑

In the end, Choi Ji-min’s fastball speed has gradually decreased since June. It was not easy to cross the mid-140km mark. However, according to baseball statistics site Statistics, Choi Ji-min’s average fastball speed was 147.1 kilometers and 146 kilometers against the Incheon SSG on the 1st and 3rd. The restraint has risen again. He played 51 games but played 53 innings. Head coach Kim Jong-kook often entrusted Lim Ki-young, who has a small number of pitches per inning, to multi-inning, but Choi Ji-min refrained from ordering multi-inning as much as possible. It means that you have made the minimum energy arrangement necessary for a long-term race.

Is that why. In nine games in August, he had one win, four holds, and a batting average of 0.182. The batting average in the two games in September was 0.143. From the match against Samsung in Pohang on August 1 to the match against SSG on the 3rd, he was ineligible for 11 consecutive games. During this period, he lost only one point. For KIA, Choi Ji-min, Lim Ki-young, and Jeon Sang-hyun can make energy arrangements in the process of going to Jung Hae-young. This is also a favorable environment for Choi. Another notable thing is that it was highly dependent on fastballs until the middle of the season, but in recent years, it has lowered the proportion of fastballs and increased the proportion of main weapon sliders. It may be temporary, but it is not good to only use fastballs.

Catcher Kim Tae-gun said, “It is an aggressive pitch to put a lot in the square (strike zone) whether it is a straight ball or a change ball.” In this regard, Choi Ji-min recovered his unique aggression. In the process, there would have been time to check the pitching balance. For Choi Ji-min, it is also very meaningful to experience the pace falling and then rising. Furthermore, Choi Ji-min’s recovery is good news for the national team representing the Hangzhou Asian Games. Now, it is most important to maintain good condition until the scheduled call-up date of the national team (22nd).

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