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KIA and Kim Sun-bin have been offered a last-minute revision…Can both sides agree on the total amount

“I think it’s a negotiation process. When anyone talks about money, there can be differences of opinion and sadness. Isn’t that usually the case during annual salary negotiations?” a professional baseball official expressed Kim’s negotiation process in this way. There are occasional mixed reactions, but they say it’s a very normal negotiation process that doesn’t have to be good or bad.

In any case, what is important is that Kia is willing to catch Kim Sun-bin and sent a “suggestion for revision” to Kim. From Kia’s point of view, it puts more weight on its past value than Kim’s future value. Kim’s performance this season seems to be clearly declining from its heyday.

Kim has a high batting average, but it takes time for Kia to show disappointing performance in defense, base running and slugging percentage. In the middle of the season, Kim also suffered a hamstring injury. In addition, other teams’ poor batting performance is a contributing factor. This is why the team is hesitant to sign a large long-term contract. The fact Park Min, who was recently sent to the Australian League, is growing smoothly will also affect the team’s position without realizing it. 파워볼실시간

Park has been hitting hard over .400 in the last seven games in Australia. Of course, the performance of the Australian league itself doesn’t mean much. However, it means that the club is clearly thinking that it needs to prepare for Kim’s side. This has great implications. However, Kim has a different stance. Despite the difficulties this season, he did his best for the team as a captain.

As can be seen from the batting average of 0.321, his high-sensitivity contact ability is not rusty yet. On top of that, he is preparing for next season by steadily losing weight. Kim Sun-bin’s position is that he is still competitive as a second baseman.

In the end, the sum of future and past values, and demand in the market have a profound influence on the price of a contract. In a telephone interview with this newspaper, KIA’s official position is that “still we are in a position to catch Kim Sun-bin. We are doing our best.” He added, “It is right that negotiations are nearing the end.”

It means that we have reached a crossroads of settlement or collapse, and it also means that we have sent Kim Sun-bin a proposal for revision that is close to the end. This is in line with the fact that it is not easy for the total amount to change any more at this point.

After all, what matters is a “solid agreement on the total amount.” If an agreement is reached within a broad framework, there is room for adjustment and concession of options. Now the ball is in Kim Sun-bin’s hands. If Kim accepts the terms offered by the club, he is effectively a “Jongshin KIA man.” If not, he is a “break-up.”

“We don’t know when the agreement will be reached. It would be nice if it could be concluded within this year, but the player’s position is also important. I just hope the negotiations end well,” he said in a cautious stance. Will the Kia club and Kim Sun-bin be able to join hands before the year changes.

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