Friday, 1st December 2023

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KIA replaced the KIA replacement!Park Chan-ho, who collapsed Ko Woo-seok, who broke out of Ko Woo-seok

KIA won the 8th dramatic competition in Gwangju- Kia Champions Field on the 9th inning with LG and doublehead in Gwangju- Kia Champions Field on the 9th.KIA (58 wins and 52 losses), which escaped from the year, was the most important game, won the most important game.On the other hand, LG (70 wins 45 losses) in the league, which has failed to win the third consecutive games, has failed to win three consecutive games, and the second game burden.

KIA, who began to replace the victory over the two rooms, who started with alternative starter Hwang Dong-ha, who began to replace the victory over the victory.From the first round of the doublehead, the total of seven bullpen from Kim Dae-young to Jung-young, and finally won the victory.In other lines, Park Chan-ho, including the eighth inning, including the eighth inning.Hwang Dae-beom recorded one RBI, and Na Sung-beom recorded 1 RBIs, and Ko Jong-wook scored a decisive timely hit by hitting the eighth inning. 토토

LG scored 98 balls for starter Lim Chan-kyu threw 98 balls during five innings.Phil Seungjo collapsed.Jung Woo-young, who believed, was all sluggish.On the other line Hong Chang-ki played as a second ballnet 2 hits, and Lee Ji-hwan scored two hits, including home run two hits, including home runs.Although Moon Sung-joo introduced a good appearance with one hits, it was not followed by the team victory.

LG, who scored a strong batting average of kt and Joo Jung-yeon scored a strong batting series (2 wins) in the game on the 8th.Both the main players came out in one game.If you hold one game, it was determined that the psychological burden of psychological burden on two games ahead of the two games.As a starter Lim Chan-kyu went out.

On the other hand, KIA also hit the drain.As a starter, Hwang Dong-ha, Hwang Dong-ha, who was relatively familiar with a relatively familiarity.In one game, Kim Tae-gun, showed that the importance of the main catcher Kim Tae-gun.Choi Won-joon lost, who was not good at hitting, and Lee Woo-sung played as a starter.Both teams have been expected to afford to operate a little bit of resources that can operate.

Initially, LG was evaluated that LG is a little advantage of LG, LG side, which is a little advantageous.KIA has launched a replacement starter Hwang Dong-ha.It was the second starter this year.However, Hwang Dong-ha’s best cook LG batters well cooked LG.Despite all LG main batters, he rarely targeted Hwang Dong-ha.

Hwang Dong-dong, Hwang Dong-dong.After the first inning, he finished the second inning, and the second inning, but he blocked the second inning, but also blocked the follow-up hit a follow-up.The third meeting was allowed to see Hong Chang-min, but he allowed to see Hong Chang-jae and blocked Shin Min-jae and blocked the first 3 innings.There was no allowed to have no choice.I’ll stay in the most different places here.

Then KIA also supported Hwang Dong-ha supported Hwang Dong-ha.The leading Hwang Dae-jin’s room was hard.When the fourth-year-S, the fourth body was connected to a solo home run without missed this.After 1 company, Park Chan-ho, Park Chan-ho scored a third baseman.The 3rd baseman Moon Bo-kyung did not catch a ball at once.Kim Do-young stepped down to the air, but there was a solution.He hit a timely 2nd baseman to the right right right next to the right right-wing.The first baseman Park Chan-ho jumped into the lake.

Hwang Dong-dong, Hwang Dong-soo, cooked all four times and nervous.On the other hand, KIA added four times.When the lead Socrates hit 2nd baseman Kim Sun-bin hit the second baseman Kim Sun-bin.It was a dependence that the difference in Chagok score.Afterwards, KIA has added 1 point of LG Yoo Woo-hwan added one point, KIA won’t catch one point.There was a day, but there was a day to fall from the tree.

However, there was no LG is just in the league leader.After 0-3, he started to hit the fifth inning.Lee Ji-hwan hit a hit, and Park Dong-won, and Park Dong-won was followed by the left-jeon Hall.Then Moon Sung-joo made a timely hit in front of mid mid-sized water.Park Hae-min took a chance to 2nd baseman and 3rd baseman.

KIA has changed Hwang Dong-ha and posted Kim Dae- oil on the mound.Tsoon changed to three wheels.Kim Dae- oil allowed to sacrifice Hong Chang-ki, but it was not done.There was no reverse battle.

Then KIA has launched a six-th round of six times ahead.LG mound, and Jung Woo-young, and Jung Woo-young.After two outsider, Lee Woo-sung hit the second baseman next to the left-handed pitcher.LG has entered the selection Lim Chan-kyu and invested Jung Woo-young was not good.Hwang Dae-in picked the ball.Afterwards, Kim Tae-gun scored a timely hit and added one point.And one week, one main characters came out, and one main characters came to the lake.KIA seemed to catch the victory and caught the winner.

However, LG’s still strong.The 7th stormed the KIA in the 7th storm, and the atmosphere of the game score and the atmosphere.After 1 company, Park Dong-won made a solo home run on the left.It was a moment when the joint of LG 20 home runs after joining the joint in 2010.Then Moon Sung-joo and Park Hae-min and Park Hae-min went out the flow path.Park Hae-min was a social social media after video reading the video reading the video reading.

KIA tried to maintain the lead to Lee Joon-young, but Hong Chang-ki tried to protect the lead to the lead to the lead to the lead to four–5 and 1 point.Here, LG’s aggressive main baseman’s attack.Hong Chang-ki began to run 2nd baseman, and headed to the relay player.Park Hae-min, who saw this third baseman Park Hae-min was bold and next month.The ball in the second floor, but Park Tae-min was introduced to home, but Park Hae-min first.It’s 5-5 Dong points at the same time.Video Player Park Hae-min saved Park Hae-min, and Park Hae-min hit a fatal fund.

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