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“KIM succeeded, contributed to the increase in demand for LEE.”

Kim Ha-sung (San Diego Padres) recalled a time when it was not easy to adapt to the Major League in an interview in October and confessed that he worried, “What if Korean players are blocked from entering the Major League because of me?”

“I had a bad performance in my first year. I was young when I went to posting and received a lot of money, but I was worried that my juniors who dream of playing in the Major League would be adversely affected because I didn’t get good performance,” Kim Ha-sung said. “That’s why I think I should do better. I hope many Korean players have big goals and work hard with the dream of becoming a Major League player from an early age.”

Kim Ha-sung became the first Asian infielder to embrace the National League Gold Glove along with Career High in various categories this year, his third year in the big league after a long period of hard work. In three years, juniors who dream of becoming a major league can benefit from Kim Ha-sung. 경마사이트

Kim Ha-sung bragged to his close brother, saying, “I still lack skills, but I also benefited from my seniors in the Major Leaguers. I am so grateful to those seniors, and I think Lee Jung-hoo should thank me now.”

However, Kim Ha-sung’s joking bragging was actually the U.S. gaze. This is because local reports said that major league clubs’ interest in Lee Jung-hoo has increased through Kim Ha-sung’s success.

Japan’s popular stars Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto became the center of attention at the winter meeting, but there is another international free agent who can be popular from clubs that need outfielders like San Francisco, he said. “San Francisco is actively seeking to recruit Lee Jung-hoo, who won the KBO League MVP in 2022 and recorded a total batting average of 340,000 in seven seasons.”

San Francisco is a team that has shown special interest in Lee Jung-hoo, with general manager Pete Putila visiting Lee Jung-hoo’s farewell match at Gocheok Sky Dome this season. In an interview with , Putila said, “It was a great trip. Lee Jung-hoo swung six to seven times at bat, and it was so nice to watch it. It was a great experience to see Lee Jung-hoo in person.”

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