Sunday, 26th May 2024

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KT Wiz’s first championship, has decided to retire as an active player.

KT announced in a press release on the 28th that it will exclude a total of 13 players, including Cho Hyun-woo, from the list of suspended players.

Among them, Cho has decided to retire as an active player. Cho was a must-win player for the team from 2020 to 2021. Notably, he pitched 31 innings in 49 games in 2021, contributing to KT’s first combined win.

However, as injuries continued after the 2022 season, he was rarely able to take the mound and played only five games this season.

In the end, he asked the team to release him after the season, and decided to retire from active duty at an early age. 파워볼게임

In addition to Cho Hyun-woo, pitchers Kim Sung-hoon, Park Sun-woo, Seo Kyung-chan, Junghoon Lee, Cho Byung-wook, catcher Moon Sang-in, Jung Woo-sung, infielders Kim Byung-hee, Lee Sang-ho, Ji Kang-hyuk, and outfielders Park Joon-hyuk and Lee Si-won were released.

Lee Sang-ho, who built a bird’s nest in KT after being released from the LG Twins after last season, suffered the pain of release again after a year.

Lee Si-won, who moved from Hanwha Eagles to a trade, also couldn’t avoid the blade of release.

Infielder Kim Byung-hee announced his retirement from active duty shortly after the end of the season.

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