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Laak Laughing at Defeat; Sexton Underrated

The 2008 World Series of Poker took off this weekend as the last table that must have made ESPN executives drool. Heavyweights Nenad Medi, Andy Bloch, Cathy River, Mike Sexton, Patrik Antony, and Phil Lark all made it to the finals in the $10,000 Fort Limit Holdum World Championship (Event #1).

Medici won first place and $794,000 over Bloch, but Lark seems to have provided the most entertainment. “Unabomber” brought along a stack of Post-it notes. And whenever he held hands, he corrected the note on the post-it and showed it to ESPN TV cameras. Once, as his opponent was considering a decision, Lark recalled a note on the camera that said, “Fold please!” 슬롯머신

Laak participated in the final match’s two most memorable hands. At the first hand of the final table, Laak entered with a pocket jack and encountered Antonius’ pocket kings. Laak hit the jack on the floor, which triggered a nice little dance. Antonius, however, shook the king and disabled Laak. Laak was eliminated a few hands later when his pocket jack failed to break Medic’s pocket ace.

With everything Mike Sexton does as an announcer for the WPT and a poker ambassador in general, it’s easy to forget that he’s a really good poker player at times. Think about this: As much as the finals table for the PLH World Championship, Sexton has more experience than the rest of the WSOP finals table put together. He took fourth place in the match, winning $248,160.

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